Wednesday, March 8, 2017


The new restaurant which opened at the early of this year, Leon, located in Wijaya, South Jakarta. They came with a vintage-meets-modern concept and also offers a sophisticated and relaxed ambience for drinking and dining experience.

The combination of vintage and modern concept here is so cool! When industrial touch like brick walls and cement floor meet the high ceiling and lots of window, the place is giving the impression of an extra cozy and moody. So perfect for chilling out!

When you're need a sanctuary after hour, you can come here and catch the rhythm with their kinds of music. Grab a glass of cocktail, mocktail, beer or etc, take a seat and enjoy!

Anyway, we came here for having lunch and tried some their favorite menu.

Duck Platter
Duck Platter (IDR 140.000), roasted boneless half duck, nuoc cham, cilantro, mint, green salad and served with steamed rice. Simple but so goood!

Duck Platter
This menu was really good, may look simple but the duck meat was very tender, juicy and well-seasoned. Anyway, this menu also served with some sauces, you can paired the duck meat with them, especially with the kind of Thai sauce.

Short Ribs
Short Ribs (IDR 145.000), a Vietnamese BBQ-marinated boneless ribs, green chili soy dipping sauce, gochujang and also served with steamed rice.

Short Ribs
Yeay, happiness is when the ribs served boneless here! Anyway, the short ribs were tender and juicy too.  But I felt a little odd, when eating ribs with steamed rice, hehe. But, overall the menu was quite good.

Paella Risotto
Paella Risotto (IDR 150.000), saffron risotto, green mussels, shrimp, fish, squid, kalamata olive, paprika and green peas. This menu was cooked perfectly with the creamy texture.

I just wanna said if everything here was quiet good, I like the foods and also the ambience. I think I should be back here again to taste their cocktail, mocktail, beer or ...?? :) *grin*


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Jl. Wijaya 1 No. 25A, South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 722 1188
Instagram : leon_jakarta


  1. I'm interested in reserving this place because choosing the right venue which does not favor a specific culture becomes difficult. Halls here have fountains and elaborate pictures. Some Seattle venues display traditional artifacts and paintings.

  2. wah keliatannya enak ya! kenapa kalau makanan yang menarik itu kebanyakan di jakarta selatan ??

    yuk ikutan kontes photo shopee! Swipe Photo Contest (persiapan makanan atau minuman)