Thursday, December 15, 2016


Just trying one of the newest cafe and restaurant at PIK area : Social Affair Coffee & Bakehouse by Cacaote. I came here after attending the opening of Toby’s Estate, look attractive from the outside, so I and some foodie friends decided to go in and taste some of the menus here. Anyway, it still one group with Cacaote, that's why you can find some pastries from Cacaote here.

Pork Belly Rice Bowl
Pork Belly Rice Bowl (IDR 85.000), served with caramelized pork belly, 60 degree egg, sautéed bok choy and steamed rice. The pork belly was quiet tender with Chinese-style seaoning, but the pork belly contained too many fat.

Braised Beef Cheek
Braised Beef Cheek (IDR 115.000), beef cheek braised for 15 hours served with potato puree, spinach puree and bordelaise sauce. The braised beef cheek was really tender and juicy with the savoury sauce.

Martabak Croissant
Martabak Croissant (IDR 35.000), one of the most popular croissant here! Everyone always recommend me to try this croissant. And yeah, I was quiet lucky because it hasn't sold out. YEAY!

Martabak Croissant
This croissant looks so tempting, topped with grated cheese and drizzled of milk. And the filling was really like a martabak! It was filled with chocolate meises and crushed peanut. But once I tasted this croissant, it was too sweet for me.

Matcha Lava Croissant
Mactha Lava Croissant, so perfect for everyone who really loves matcha! They had a smooth filling with bitter-sweet flavors and a good texture of croissant :)

Cheesecake Lava Croissant
Cheesecake Lava Croissant! And again, it was very suitable for cheese lovers! They had a creamy and sweet-salty filling with a quiet flaky and crunchy croissant. Anyway, enjoy it while still warm.

Chocolate Lava Croissant
Chocolate Lava Croissant (IDR 35.000), so beautiful with chocolate glazed. It was perfect for chocolate lovers and they had bitter sweet chocolate filling. Anyway, this croissant has a better texture outside (more flaky and crunchy).

Truffled Mushroom Croissant
Truffled Mushroom Croissant (IDR 30.000), it had a savory truffled mushroom filling, but the croissant not flaky and crispy or they need to heat it before serving.

Salted Caramel by Cacaote
Salted Caramel Eclair by Cacaote (IDR 40.000), one of signatures from Cacaote. Love its bitter sweet caramel with crunchy pastry shell.

Mango Cake by Cacaote
Mango Cake by Cacaote (IDR 45.000), since I didn't like mango so I haven't tasted this cake. But my friend this cake was really good. Anyway, I like its shape and color :)

Beef Pie
Beef Pie, one of my favorite! I'll come back and looking for this :) Crispy outside and have a generous filling. Tasty and well-seasoned!

Overall, all the foods here were really good and I'll back here again :)


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