Thursday, November 3, 2016


Spent the weekend by visiting a new restaurant in South Jakarta, who said the food here was quite unique and tasty. Finally, last weekend, we tried to come here and here's some food that we've ordered :
Crispy Half Chicken with Butter Rice
Crispy Half Chicken with Butter Rice (IDR 220.000), this was one of the menu of the day, so you won't find in the menu. So, that chicken was well-marinated and fried perfectly, the taste was really good and so flavorful.

Eggplant on Sourdough Toast
Eggplant on Sourdough Toast (IDR 45.000), as a good starter before going to the main course. It served in sesame sourdough topped with roasted eggplant and fried garlic. The taste was quiet strong and tangy. Don't forget to squeeze the lemon, to add sour and fresh sensation.

Golden Cauliflower
Golden Cauliflower (IDR 45.000) as sidedish to my crispy chicken and it was also recommend by the waiter there. And it was cooked with tumeric, lemon, cashew butter. The taste was quiet unique and mild flavors. Yeah, they said the 'secret' was in the spice : super antioxidant turmeric. Good job!

Stuffed Onions
Stuffed Onions (IDR 115.000), filled with minced beef and rice, braised in a savoury broth. Firstly, I was confused about this food forms and taste, but once described by one of the waiter, it was also unimaginable for me about how its taste, but it was also recommended from him. And finally, we also try to order this menu and it was quite a surprise. Anyway, it was tasty and tender, but unfortunately this portion was too little for the sharing menu.

Anyway, Attarine is the latest culinary concept from PTT Family, Attarine brings a world of spice to Jakarta. Taking inspiration from the Spice Route, Attarine is a welcoming, all-day neighbourhood restaurant serving well-crafted, modern dishes featuring vibrant spices and seasonings from across the globe.

So, don't be surprised if you see some kind of herbs/spices were hung until dry, as decoration as showing if this restaurant plays with a variety of spices from around the world.

And the uniqueness of this place was an old-green car inside the restaurant. This may be regarded as an icon or the identity of this restaurant. Many people came here to find and take a photo of that car.

Anyway, this place was quiet spacious with light green as the dominant color to make you feel 'green' and fresh.

The last but not least, Attarine has a different menu between lunch and dinner. And I came here in the lunch time, so I'll be back to enjoy and find some surprises from their dinner menu.


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Jl. Gunawarman No. 11 A
Phone : (021) 2277 1256
RSVP  : 0812 8602 6142
Opening Hours :
11.00-16.00 & 18.00-23.00 (Sun-Wed)
11.00-16.00 & 18.00-01.00 (Thu-Sat)

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