Thursday, October 13, 2016


A new addition is coming here! Yeah, maybe we were quite tired with so many coffee shop, everywhere. And this has been come one new hype and hangout place, a chocolate-specialist cafe in Gading Serpong. Of course all the menu here are using chocolate, or it could be said this place is perfect for you, chocolate lovers.

Anyway, they start to bring and introduce this cafe as a Chocolate Specialty Cafe and they're trying to educate people more about chocolate and also how's going on chocolate industry through their product and quality. And you know what? They used local products as their main ingredients here! They also said if our chocolate was quiet good and has been imported to other countries.

Signature Hot chocolate - American Marshmallow

In here, you can choose two types of chocolate : Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. And here's my cup of their Signature Hot Chocolate - American Marshmallow (IDR 45.000), served with their milk chocolate and topped with marshmallow. I really loved it! :) Oopss, the drink turns thicker when cold, and personally, I prefer the hot chocolate drink with thicker texture.

Kakolait Waffle Set

Kakolait Waffle Set (IDR 65.000), come with more dense and bready texture, not a usual waffle type that you can found at other cafe. But I also love this waffle. And it also served with some toppings on the side, like marshmallow, vanilla ice cream and fresh-sliced strawberry and banana. Anyway, you can choose milk or dark chocolate for your waffle :)


Kakolava (IDR 40.000), this is the bomb, so rich and smooth! Really really good, as my favorite! Served with vanilla ice cream and enhanced with chocolate sauce. SO CHOCOLATEGASM!

Green Granita and Red Granita

Green Granita with Lemon & Mint (IDR 25.000) & Red Granita with Red Dragon Fruit & Lychee (IDR 25.000), called this as refreshing drinks for a sunny day! Yeah, I really love the Red Granita because there was lychee in it! :) FRESHNESS LEVEL UPGRADED!

Woohoo! I'm so glad to be invited here, in the soft opening event of Kakolait. This place wasn't so hard to find, really near with Turning Point Coffee, the difference is only a few blocks away. Ssstt, this place was founded by some young people, Melbournians. *cheers*

This place looks so minimalist with shades of chocolate and white color! It gave a warm and homey atmosphere here. Anyway, they also have lots of window, it will bring a natural lighting, so you can take photos as many as you can :)

OMG! Look at that chocolate (ceramic) cups, so cute! Like I wanna bring it home hehe.

Anyway, congratulations for your opening! You'll be loved by chocolate lovers :) 


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Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Ruko Golden 8 Block I No. 33
Gading Serpong - Tangerang
Phone : (021) 29238763
Instagram : @kakolait

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