Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Do you still remember about Nama Sushi by Sushi Masa in Baywalk Mall? Well, they've opened their second branch at Living World, Alam Sutera! Sounds great, isn't it? And in their new outlet here, they've also come with some new menus, WOW! Are you curious about it?

Aburi Maguro Don
Aburi Maguro Don (IDR 70.000), you've to taste this don with avocado and maguro, and also topped with sexy egg yolk and tempt you! :) Anyway, this portion was quiet small, so I don't wanna share it, hehe.

Aka Ebi Kimizu Sushi
Aka Ebi Kimizu Sushi (IDR 55.000/pcs), they said if those red shrimp contains a lot of moisture and fat in the body, so they served with kimizu and yuzu sauce to balance the fat. Just perfect for me! Sstt, one piece wasn't enough! :)

Mentai Salmon Aburi Sushi
Mentai Salmon Aburi Sushi (IDR 25.000), this one also good but I prefered to choose the belly one. More fatty but I love it! :)

Hotate Foie Gras Sushi
Hotate Foie Gras Sushi (IDR 50.000/pcs), OMG! I can't deny! This one was really really good! Yeah, it was foie gras on scallop, when two expensive ingredients became one bite! SO DAMN GOOD!

Mentai Ika Sugata Sushi
Mentai Ika Sugata Sushi (IDR 70.000), the squid was cooked perfectly! You'll no feel so hard when chew it. And the mentai filled the squid roll on a stick!

Spicy Mentai aka Ebi Sushi
Spicy Mentai aka Ebi Sushi (IDR 50.000/2pcs) as my new favorite menu! And again, they came with the freshness prawn, so you'll love it too! :)

Mentai Salmon Belly Aburi Sushi
Mentai Salmon Belly Aburi Sushi (IDR 35.000), yeah because salmon is never go wrong with me! HAHA. Because Nama Sushi always bring the freshness menu for us. That's why I love to come back here again and again!

Hotate Uniyaki
Hotate Uniyaki (IDR 50.000), when you can find sea urchin and scallop as one dish! I thought this one as the uniqueness here and trust me, you should try!

Salmon Tataki
Salmon Tataki (IDR 40.000), just prefect for sashimi lovers! Fresh and so good! Me likey!

And for the interior, it looks the same as the Nama Sushi Baywalk. Looks pretty minimalist and comfort for having lunch / dinner with friends or family.


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Living World, Alam Sutera - Ground Floor
Phone : (021) 2923 9585 / 0815 1002 1013
Opening Hours : 11.00 - 22.00 (everyday)

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