Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Having a short trip to Bandung with foodie friend last week. Yeah, Bandung is one of our choices when we wanted to escape from the hustle and heat of Jakarta in the weekend. Honestly, I never heard if there's a gelato shop in Bandung which was pretty good. And this time, we popped into this place for having something sweet. Anyway, Lets Go Gelato is only a small gelato and sorbet shop, located in Jl. Bengawan No. 29, Bandung.

And here, we were confused of which flavors want to be tasted, as they provide pretty much flavors of gelato and sorbet. *happiness is calling!*

WOW, they also have SNICKERS flavor tooo! Do you want a scoop, eh? :)

Anyway, here's some flavors that we've ordered. Enjoy!

Coffee Baileys and Red Thai Tea

Blueberry and Coffee Baileys

Red Thai Tea and Green Tea

Apple Strudel and Macadamia + topping oreo crumbs
I'm such an oreo lover, so I added oreo crumbs as my topping for my own happiness. HAHA. Anyway, their Apple Strudel was quiet good! :)

Anyway, you should try their Red Thai Tea or Apple Strudel when you stop by here! Because it was really good. And for sure I'll be back here for those 2 flavors! :)


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Jl. Bengawan No. 29, Bandung (Papyrus Photo)
Opening Hours : 12.00 - 20.00 (weekdays), 10.00 - 20.00 (weekend)
Instagram : letsgogelato

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  1. panas-panas gini emng palina mantap deh icip-icip icecream nya :) lets go ah.