Monday, July 11, 2016


Just found another hidden gem in Kuningan. Yes, this is the first time I visited this place. And this place wasn't too in expose, so maybe this wasn't a fancy restaurant that are often looking for young people these days. And the location of this restaurant is located in Lippo Kuningan.

The Pork Belly

The Pork Belly

The Pork Belly (IDR 87.000), called it a portion of happiness! Their pork belly were very juicy, tender and so lovely with the crunchy skin. This menu was served with 3 kinds of sauce, such as mustard, sweet soy and chilli sauce. Anyway, their onion and boiled-potato cubes were really fragrant with a great taste!

Buta Pork Tori

Buta Pork Tori (IDR 45.000 - small), The pork skewers were grilled with a bit salty seasoning. The meat was tender and well seasoned, but 5 skewers weren'e enough! :)

Indonesia Big Pork Rice

Indonesia Big Pork Rice (IDR 225.000), a rice plater that consists of various pork dishes with recipes from province of Indonesia. This menu was quite huge, so can be shared for 3-4 people. Anyway, this menu was recommended by the waiter. Yeah, he's right! This platter was really good, every component was rich of spices and deep in flavor! So, give yourself a try!

Butter Miso Grilled Pork

Butter Miso Grilled Pork (IDR 45.000), sliced pork belly seasoned and grilled, then served with potato chips. For this one, was quiet good with a salty yet savory taste of pork belly.

Caramelized Grilled Pork

Caramelized Grilled Pork (IDR 45.000), this was equal to the previous menu, but this one is more sweet and savory. And between the two, I prefer the caramelized. :)

Anyway, I'll back here for sure! Especially for the Indonesia Big Pork Rice. And should have some beers here. Hehe.


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Ground Floor of Lippo Kuningan
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav B-12, Jakarta
Phone : (021) 2911 0145

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