Friday, July 8, 2016


Following the development of the emergence of ubiquitous coffee shop on these days is enough to make me overwhelmed. Yes, you may also feel that a lot of coffee shop popping everywhere. And this time, I found a hidden coffee shop in the area of Alam Sutera, namely Coarse & Fine Coffee.

Filter Coffee

On that day, we're trying to sip their Filter Coffee (IDR 60.000) but so sorry I forgot what bean that I've chose haha. But, I remember, slightly fruity aftertaste. :)

Flat White

Flat White (IDR 40.000) was served quite good here. I love this flat white. And again, I forgot the beans! I think, between the Yellow Caturra or Carlos Imbachi beans. Anyway, it turns out the baristas here are the results of the training from OmbĂ© Kofie, Pluit! If so, don't be surprised if the coffee served was good.

Korean Pork Rice

Korean Pork Fried Rice (IDR 80.000) was a fried rice that served with kimchi, a bit spicy but quiet tasty. And imho, it was too pricey for a plate of fried rice in a coffee shop.

So, this place is quiet huge for a coffee shop. They had 2 floor with homey ambiance, feeling so comfy here, with sofa, a television and also there's a wide-long wood table! Yeah, hopefully I can have that table! *grin*

And this is the facade, you can see the logo which is large enough. This place is pretty spacious. They gave us a simple and homey experience here, I love it! Anyway, this place is full with natural light and the second floor just feels like home! :)


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Jl. Jalur Sutera Timur, 1-B No. 15
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Phone : (021) 2977 9232
Opening Hours : 08.00 - 20.00 (Mon - Sun)
Instagram : coarseandfine

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