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This time I visited one of the new restaurant in Menteng are quite interesting for me tasting, which is a typical seafood restaurant Makassar, called it Aroma Sedap! Yes it was true, if Makassar is famous for their seafood and regional food specialties. Therefore, I'm quite curious about the menus here and here are some menus that have been ordered.

Kerang Bambu Saus Padang

Kerang Bambu Saus Padang (IDR 42.500), just the other shellfish, which is shaped like bamboo and a bit chewy. This time, the bamboo shellfish cooked with Padang sauce to give more delicious taste.

Terong Ebi

Terong Ebi (IDR 35.000), one of traditional food with a good taste! So, the eggplant was fried with flour then mix with dried shrimp that have been roasted. Savory taste and it wasn't mushy, and the flour was presented not too thick, so please enjoy this food! :)

Cumi Goreng Bawang Putih

Cumi Goreng Bawang Putih (IDR 60.000), one of required menus when visiting a seafood restaurant is fried-flour calamari. Usually the seafood restaurant only serving plain fried-flour calamari, but here's a bit different, they sautéed with garlic, chives and chili, so the fragrance more tempting and tasteful! Me likey!

Kerang Tahu Tauco

Kerang Tahu Tauco (IDR 42.500), it may be said as one of my favorite types of shellfish, because the texture is soft and chewy. And now, these clams cooked with tauco sauce, which gives the impression of savory and delicious. Perfect!

Udang Telur Asin

Udang Telur Asin (IDR 95.000), and this is the menu that I really love so much, yeah because I'm a fan of salted egg! And this time, those shrimp fried with salted egg, so it's not like salted egg sauce. But any food if combined with salted egg, I will love it! :)

Ikan Kudu-Kudu Goreng Bawang Putih

Ikan Kudu-Kudu Goreng Bawang Putih (IDR 23.000/ons), one of the most special menu here with a very unique shape, looks like a little box, similar to the skin as hard as stone, but it was more fibrous flesh texture than the texture of the fish in general. And quite difficult to prepare this dish, yeah, one way to get the best texture is fillet-ing the meat with flour, then fried and served together with their "outer skin". Moreover, it turns out this fish can be fairly exclusive because these fish can only be found in Sulawesi and in addition, delivery this fish to Jakarta was quiet difficult. So, if you want to try this fish, you better call to the restaurant first.

Kepiting Lada Hitam

Kepiting Lada Hitam (IDR 40.000/ons), this is also one of the favorite seafood dishes for everyone! And the size of the crabs here is quite large, about 7-8 ounces/pcs, and the most important : everything is fresh here! Today, the crab cooked with black pepper sauce, super meaty and fresh with rich black pepper sauce! Anyway, this is a bit spicy but pretty acceptable.

Kepiting Saus Maco

Kepiting Saus Maco (IDR 40.000/ons), this is the unique sauce in this restaurant, it was savory, sweet and a bit spicy, but the onion flavour was quiet dominant. I suggest you to order this crab if you visit here.

For the place is quite spacious, with a separation of areas such as for a more private space or for a family meal together. In addition, they said this place is often used for lunch meeting from the various offices in the surrounding area. This proves that the foods here are delicious!


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