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OKU is a Japanese premium restaurant as the latest addition to Jakarta’s lifestyle of culinary scene at Hotel Kempinski Jakarta. And also, this restaurant was helmed by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa and OKU offers a modern take on Japanese dishes combined with traditional flair.

OKU comes with ala carte and fine dining concept with Zen-like atmosphere and laid-back jazzy vibes, make it the perfect for business lunches, special occasion dinners and after-work destination.

And they also have a bar which is served some good mocktails and cocktails. Please see the details in the end of this article, for the opening hours. So, last week I was invited by jktgo to enjoy this newly opened Japanese restaurant. I'm so excited and really happy to enjoy awesome foods from OKU.


Uni (IDR 245.000), as a pretty appetizer which consist of sea urchin, onsen egg and water shield. Anyway, this was served in pretty way, they used dry ice at the bottom glass so as to show smoke effects. To enjoy this, you must stir all the components and you've to take this in a cold state. It feels so very fresh and tasty.


Ajitama (IDR 50.000) smoked organic egg and shiguren beef (well-seasoned). Previously, it was served with a cone-shaped glass cover, which is filled with smoke. And the smoke seep directly into the egg, so when you eat these eggs, you can taste the smell of smoke that actually adds to the perfectness of it!

Buta Salad

Buta Salad (IDR 150.000) consist of mixed fresh green vegetables, slices of pork belly with white sesame-ponzu dressing. The dressing was citrus and soy-based, so you find the taste of fresh, light and tangy.


Unagi (IDR 95.000) served with 3 pieces charcoal grilled Japanese eel with rice crackers and edible flowers. Surely, I really love this one, seen from the presentation was so beautiful! Anyway, I also love their cutleries with copper or rose gold color, uh? *I'm not sure what should I say of that color*

Oku Karaage

Oku Karaage (IDR 110.000), 3 pieces deep fried chicken thigh which is like served on a charcoal sticks. Anyway, the black color was made from squid ink and the inside was savory, also served with shichimi (seven-color chili pepper). And they said, to enjoy a perfection, just eat it in one bite!

Angus Beef

Angus Beef (IDR 360.000), an Australian Angus Tenderloin served perfectly to my table! I love how their concern about every food here. And also, I love their teriyaki sauce! The beef was juicy and tender enough for me.

Truffle Gyu Don

Truffle Gyu Don (IDR 295.000) served with black truffle sauce, US beef and runny onsen egg. Just one word for this : AWESOME! Idk how to describe it, everything was really damn good! The beef was juicy and tender, then served with truffle sauce and onsen egg. Absolutely delicious! And I will recommend you to order this one!

Salmon Teriyaki

Salmon Teriyaki (IDR 195.000), salmon confit and lotus pickles. Just another awesome food, that I can't say anything because of the amazing taste! The salmon is served with condiments that permeated perfectly and when you eat it, it was like the directly melt in your mouth! *happy face*


Yuki (IDR 120.000) as a pretty and sweet dessert, served with yuzu chocolate mousse, lemon cloud, dulcey sponge cake and crunchy chocolate praline. You should put all the components in your spoon and you taste the greatness from this!


Sorbet (IDR 60.000 & IDR 70.000), fresh and sweet sorbet. And on that they, they served us in three flavors : pineapple, beetroot, yuzu. FYI, this sorbet wasn't easily melted. Wow!

Green Sundae

Green Sundae (IDR 80.000), sweet matcha custard, azuki and mochi. For matcha lovers, I'm sure you'll love this one. The texture was so soft and smooth, not too sweet with a hint of bitter, suitable enjoyed as a lovely dessert.

Overall, I am very satisfied and happy with all the foods here and their very good service. So, I will put OKU as one of my favorite Japanese restaurant and I recommend you to come and try it. Don't forget to rsvp before! :)


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Hotel Indonesia - Kempinski
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1, Central Jakarta
Email : indonesiaoku.jakarta@kempinski.com
Phone : (021) 2358 3896
Opening Hours :
- Lunch : 12.00 - 15.00 (Mon - Sun)
- Dinner : 18.00 - 22.30 (Mon - Sun)
- Bar : 12.00 - 24.00 (Mon - Thur) | 12.00 - 01.00 (Fri - Sat) | 12.00 - 24.00 (Sunday)

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