Thursday, May 5, 2016


This time I was invited to attend Now! Season In Australia, where the Victorian Government wants to promote the freshness and healthful fruits of Australia. I'm so happy that I can enjoy the Josephine Pear for the first time.

Then, the Government of Victoria Australia introduced Josephine Pear in Now! In Season Australia 2016 program. Josephine Pear is a kind of green pears with a sweet taste and crunchy flesh, but available only in certain seasons.

Introducing : Josephine Pear

Pears are one of the best fruit harvest from Victoria, where 86% of the total production of pears in Australia are coming from Victoria. And the city of Melbourne isn't only become a favorite as tourist destination, but also on the wealth results of their horticultural crops, especially in their freshness and quality.

Now! In Season Australia is an integrated program that is always done to promote the excellent products of agricultural produce from the states of Australia, especially from Victoria. This program has won awards from the Asia Fruit Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year in 2015. Now! In Season Australia aims to improve horticultural innovation by introducing a variety of excellent products from the agricultural state of Victoria to the people of Indonesia. In addition to pears, Victoria is also a major supplier of grapes in Australia, which is as much as 68%.

Hendri Sim, Satria Hamid, Brett Stevens, Chris Georgopoulos and Brett Pickering

In order to introduce the Josephine Pear in Indonesia, the Government of Victoria - Australia took PT. Laris Manis Utama, which is one of the biggest importers in Indonesia that has been trusted by the Government of Victoria to help distribute the flagship product of the agricultural state of Victoria in Indonesia.

Josephine Pears

90% of Australia's pears are grown in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria. This region has just the right climatic conditions for producing sweet and firm pears. And Australian pears are grown in all six Australian states, however Victoria is the major production state accounting 86% of pears. Australian pears, whether they're green, golden or blushing red are a great tasting fruit. There are eight main varieties which are available from March until December.

And here's 5 reasons why you should eat Australian's Pears :
- Boost immune system
- Low impact in weight gain
- Rich in antioxidant properties
- Speeds up wound healing process
- Helps improve digestion & intestinal health

Australian Grapes

Australian grapes are produced by 1.000 growers in the major growing regions of Sunraysia (Mildura and Robinvale) in Victoria and South-Eastern Queensland. Australia's geographical spread of production enables fresh table grapes to be available from November through May with peak export season from January to May.

Australian Grapes

The quality fresh Australian grapes are produced in a pristine, clean environment and grown under environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices. Here's 5 reasons why you should eat Australian's Grapes :
- Boost immune system & prevent fatigue
- Help cure asthma and migraine
- Help maintain lower cholesterol level
- Lower risk of kidney and heart disease
- Improve brain function
- Strengthen bones

Besides pears and grapes, Now! In Season Australia also show some freshness of vegetables, such as lemon and carrots. Their vegetable color looks very fresh and pleasant.

Anyway, you can find these fruits and vegetables almost in Carrefour dan Transmart Carrefour outlet in Indonesia.

Performance of Andre Hehanussa

And now, Andre Hehanusa also enliven the event "Premium Fruit Maximum Health"! Wow, he's one of my favorite singers and on that time, he brought his popular song of Kuta Bali and KKEB. Yeah, we sang together!

Cooking Demo by Chef Yuda Bustara

There's also a cooking demo from Chef Yuda Bustara : Making Fresh Salad from Josephine Pear. This time, he invited some participants to take part in this event, of course, in making fresh salad, guided by Chef Yuda Bustara.


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