Sunday, May 29, 2016


When choosing a restaurant become a classic problem, such as do not have any idea about what to eat and where we wanna eat. HAHA! Yeah, it happened to me when I was in Bali.

However, once I thought of this seafood restaurant which is said very well-known and so many tourist enjoying seafood here. And to be honest, this is my very first time eating here! *so out of date* HAHA.

Lt. Dan Drunken Shrimp

Lt. Dan Drunken Shrimp (IDR 155.000), chargrilled cajun spiced shrimp and beef sausage with mash potatoes and creamy gravy sauce. This fits perfectly with me, I like all of the components on the plate. Everything was seasoned and cooked perfectly. Yummy!

Of Course We Have Scampi

Of Course We Have Scampi (IDR 175.000), tender shrimp sautéed with capers on lemon garlic butter and served over a bed of linguini. Overall, this menu is quite good, but if they put more seasoning, it will taste better, imho.

Shrimper's Net Catch

Shrimper's Net Catch (IDR 165.000 - small), the best peel and eat steamed shrimp with Bubba's garlic spice and secret recipe cajun spice. Love it! :)

Run Forrest! Run!
And if you're a big fan of "Forrest Gump" movie, you should come to this restaurant! If I'm not mistaken, this restaurant comes from California and its first branch in Indonesia, precisely in Bali. And I love the atmosphere here, so friendly and homey.

And uniqueness here is when you want to order some foods. So, if you want to order, you must flip the sign from "Run Forrest Run" to "Stop Forrest Stop!" The the waiters will 'scream' and one of them will come to you and ask your order.


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Jl. Kartika Plaza No. 8X
Komp. Pertokoan Kuta Centre, Blok A1 No. 1, Kuta
Opening Hours : 10.00 - 23.00 (daily)
Phone : (0361) 754028

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