Friday, March 4, 2016


I'M CALLING NOW FOR INDOMIE LOVERS! Yeah, who doesn't like to eat this addicted food? Okay, now Indomie comes again with another version! Hmm, like Indomie Mamak or Indomie Curry, what do you think, uh? And so, you can find this place in Muara Karang, precisely in front of Samsung Muara Karang. And if you feel a bit confuse to find it, just ask your Google Maps or Waze! Hehe :)

And okay, this is my first time here and if I'm not mistaken, this place has recently opened here. And when I ate here with some friends, I got an unsatisfactory service, probably because the number of employees is quite a bit to serve the people who come to eat here. So, I'm waiting around an  hour for these, here we go!

Roti John

Roti John (IDR 20.000), a popular fusion omelette sandwich and topped with sauce and mayonnaise. Hmm, nothing special for this one. But please go ahead, if you wanna try it! Oh ya, I think you better to order the other one, Roti John 'Boss' :)

Indomie Goreng Curry

Indomie Goreng Curry (IDR 15.000) + Cornet (IDR 5.000) + Egg (IDR 4.000), yeah it was an appetizing Indomie Goreng with their special curry sauce. Look at the picture above!

Indomie Goreng Curry

Woohoo! This Indomie was served with curry sauce (also with pieces of curry meat). So, mixed it perfectly and ready to eat! Anyway, their curry sauce not merely essence, but they did use the actual curry seasoning. Yeay!

Indomie Kuah Curry

Indomie Kuah Curry (IDR 15.000) + Egg (IDR 4.000), served with rich-in-flavor SPIZED hot curry soup. Hmm imho, the taste of this soup looks alike laksa. Hehe. Anyway, I prefer the fried one than this.

Indomie Mamak

Indomie Mamak (IDR 15.000), it was a spicy Indian mamak style street food noodle dish. Stir fried with tofu and beansprout to stir up your appetite. Looks simple but I love this one. Go and try it!

Avocado Coffee

Avocado Coffee (IDR 18.000), a rich and creamy avocado smoothie served with a shot of coffee. This one is my favorite tho! But the glass is quiet difficult to stir the coffee that has been poured.


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Jl. Muara Karang Timur Blok L9 Timur No. 23-24 (in front of Samsung MK)
North Jakarta
Opening Hours : 19.00 - 23.00 (Tue-Thurs) & 19.00 - 24.00 (Fri-Sun)
Instagram : @spized_jkt

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