Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Just another (new) coffee shop around Muara Karang! Yeah, it's Ottoman's Coffee Brewers, located inline with Coffee Kulture. And find their simply signage (like the picture above) and I trust, you can find easily a typical coffee shop with black window frame appears in front of the shop.

Yeah, it looks like a typical coffee shop : clean, minimalist, dominant with white color and some IKEA stuffs there. Anyway, this place is quiet homey and they're so friendly when serving us. And if I'm not mistaken, they use Brooklyn's Farm Milk, so the taste is +1! :)

Uwooo! I think this is one of favorite spot to take a picture! You can find it at the entrance, so grab your coffee and take a picture here!

Cold Brew & Cappuccino

Cold Brew (IDR 40.000) & Cappuccino (IDR 38.000), just a perfect companion in the weekend. So, we ordered this as our favorite. Hmm, their latte art is good enough!

Banana Bread

Banana Bread (IDR 25.000), just a typical banana bread and served with caramel sauce. But their sauce is too salty, so I can't enjoy it nicely.

Overall, they served a good coffee and also with a good place and minimalist-clean ambiance (yeah, I think you know what I meant, hehe). Okay, I'll be back here again!


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Jl. Muara Karang Blok A3 No. 119
North Jakarta
Phone : (021) 667 8121
Instagram : ottomans.coffee


  1. the place looks so cozy!
    kindly visit, http://evelyn-halim.blogspot.co.id/

  2. they have lovely bottles