Sunday, March 20, 2016


Yeah right, this is my first time to come and taste the food at Lobo Restaurant - The Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, a fine dining restaurant that is quite popular in Jakarta. Therefore, this time I got a chance from Openrice to be invited to attend and enjoy the foods here. So, it was a lucky me because I can enjoy a fine dining experience in this weekend. Woohoo, an awesome to be true!

Situated at the lobby level, Lobo is a stylish dining spot, merging the hotel’s two-award winning restaurants : Prime Steakhouse and Portovenere. It consists of a bar & lounge, contemporary dining area and a well-designed wine cellar offering premium selection of wines from the old world and new world.

And now is the time to experience the newly crafted menus by Chef de Cuisine, Jordi Bernus, where he presents a collaboration of creativity and tradition that promises to divine the taste buds.

So, here's my pretty lunch with other foodies! Enjoy and keep scrolling down :)

Prawn Carpaccio

Prawn Carpaccio (IDR 175.000), consists of fresh prawns, mixed greens, dried pineapple, kaffir lime oil, lime cilantro dressing and peanuts. Anyway, their refreshing taste from the lime and the sweetness from its prawn are so lovely. What a perfect match! Note : this dish was a little bit spicy.

Creamy Soup of Wild Mushrooms

Creamy Soup of Wild Mushrooms (IDR 150.000), roasted mushrooms, cappuccino foam and basil oil. Looks classic but it has an awesome taste! You can tasted the strong flavour of the mushrooms and the addition of basil oil and cappuccino foam also adds to the perfection of this soup!

Foie Gras Tortellini

Foie Gras Tortellini (IDR 285.000), as the lovely dish! Yeah it was homemade pasta with foie gras filling and also served with foie gras sauce and slices of orange. So creamy and rich. The taste was really awesome, so enjoyed it in every bites! Oh yeah, make sure you put all the components in one bite and let me know, what do you feel about it! :)

Crispy Half Suckling Pig

Crispy Half Suckling Pig (IDR 875.000), served with apple puree, pineapple lemongrass puree and suckling pig gravy. Woohooo, this one was really got my heart! So crispy, juicy and tasteful. Anyway, a half suckling pig can be enjoyed for 5-6 persons. And the uniqueness was, they didn't use a knife to cut the suckling pig but they used a plate. Why? Because they want to show how soft and tenderness of meat that can be cut simply by using a plate. AWESOME!

Live Painting Dessert

Live Painting Dessert (IDR 235.000), consist of chocolate nitro ice cream, coconut ice cream, coffee crumble, gingered watermelon (this one is awesome), raspberry sauce, caramel sauce. Anyway, the ingredients can be changed seasonally.

Live Painting Dessert

First of all,  I didn't imagine if the result would be like this. And at first, the chef prepared some equipment and ingredients to show us about the art of this dessert menu. The ingredients were quite simple, but the results was pretty cool with a unique taste. In addition, enjoying this one was quite unique : firstly, crush the nitro chocolate chunk ice cream using a large spoon, then taste it and make sure all the components are in your spoon!


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Hotel The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan - Lobby Level
Phone : (021) 2551 8380 / 8321
Opening Hours :
12.00 - 14.30 (lunch)
18.00 - 22.30 (dinner)
08.00 - 00.30 (lounge and terrace)

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  1. It looks like a beautiful, clean and comfortable place, and the presentations are gorgeous! :)