Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The famous coffee shop in Melbourne is finally open in JAKARTA, located in Setiabudi 2, Kuningan - South Jakarta. Yeah, I came in their first day with some friends here! Hmm, can you see the crowd over there? So many people who lined up only to sip the coffee and the food here. *gosh*

Anyway, St. Ali currently has 2 cafes in Melbourne : St. Ali South and St. Ali North. St Ali was an early adopter of specialty coffee in Melbourne and was one of the pioneers of specialty coffee movement of single estate and single origin coffee beans. And also, St. Ali has been credited with being a contributor to the third wave of coffee movement in Melbourne, with a strong focus on quality beans and unique brewing methods. Yeah, that's why people come here out of curiosity and wanted to taste their own!

So, in here, you can meet some handsome baristas here! Yeah, one of them is Matt Perger (his face similar to Justin Timberlake), a World Brewers Cup Champion for 2012 and have placed 2nd (2013) and 3rd (2011) in the World Barista Championships then in 2014, he was the Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion!

WOOHOO! You can also meet with Ben Morrow here, an international recognised innovator of latte art and multiple time latte art champion here! Yeah, look at the pictures above! Ben Morrow is making an latte art for me, so pretty!

And anyway, when you're here, you can also see how the barista make a manual brewing and you can ask something about coffee with them.

Flat White

Flat White (IDR 45.000), which come with Orthodox Blend (St. ALi house blend : 60% Colombia - Guatica and 40% Braxil - Rainha). And as I know, a flat white is a coffee beverage that originated in Australia. It looks similar to the cappuccino or latte, but a flat white served in a smaller size than a latte. And the difference with flat white and latte is the way the milk, prepared and poured. I think, for now in modern coffee, milk is the main ingredient to provide a perfect cup of coffee.

St. ALi Chicken Burger

St. ALi Chicken Burger (IDR 135.000), a Southern Kentucky buttermilk fried chicken served with house pickles, iceberg lettuce, BBQ sauce and french fries. They said, this one was the famous also beside Koo Koo Ca Choo (so unfortunately we can't enjoy the very famous menu here due to all of the visitors come and order it). But, I'll try Koo Koo Ca Choo in my next visit.

Kimchi Kelly

Kimchi Kelly (IDR 130.000), a Korean pork belly served with cucumber kimchi, coriander and kemangi dressing on a BEAU pretzel roll. Hmm, the pork belly was quiet good, tender and savoury. And its bread was also good and soft.

Overall, the coffee here was similar like you can found in Common Grounds, but the price for its food here is quite expensive for having breakfast / brunch, imho. Anyway, I've never been to Australia yet, but now I can taste or brunch like Australians here, HAHA.


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Jl. HR. Rasuna Said
Setiabudi Two, Ground Floor
Opening Hours : 07.00 - 18.00 (daily)
Instagram : st_ali

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