Saturday, January 2, 2016


Wohooo! It's a New Year and also I've a good news for all of you! Here's another Japanese Dessert comes to Indonesia. Yeah, I know how many of you are excited with Japanese foods! So, here's the one : ST. MARC CAFÉ, a number one bakery cafe in Japan with so many outlets there, now they're expanding in Jakarta, precisely located in Senayan City Mall.

The dessert menu here is available in many variants, therefore you don't need to be confused because there is a display dummy that show you like its original form! I'm sure you're confused about which one you wanna order, because everything looks so tempting!

Original Chococro and Banana Walnut Chococro

Chococro (IDR 19.900) as their signature CHOCOCRO, which is made from the best cocoa beans from Ghana and Ecuador, then wrapped in a crispy, rich, buttery-flavoured croissant. Banana Walnut Chococro (IDR 22.900), another flavor of chococro with slices of banana and melted chocolate inside the croissant. You gotta try and enjoy it while still warm! Anyway, they have 3 flavors of chococro : Original Chocolate Chococro, Banana Walnut Chococro and Strawberry Chococro. But unfortunately, the Strawberry Chococro was sold out during our visit last night.

Choco Berry Celebration

Choco Berry Celebration (IDR 74.900), another beautiful dessert, served again with their milk-based soft serve ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce, pieces of strawberry, egg pudding and chocolate wafer stick. And there's cornflakes and cube pieces of sponge cake inside the glass, the bottom of that ice cream!

Classic Fuji

Classic Fuji (IDR 79.900), a Japanese style butter danish and topped with original milk based soft serve ice cream, delicate red beans and matcha powder! Everything was a perfect combination, but a little too sweet for a red bean.


Elvis (IDR 39.000), such as ice cream in general or as banana split served in a cone? Hmm, well, this was their original milk-based soft serve ice cream served with a crunchy cone, then add a few pieces of banana and chocolate sauce as the toppings. And the uniqueness, there is cornflakes inside the cone, like you're digging a gold! *grin*


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