Thursday, December 3, 2015


Who doesn't like to eat INDOMIE?

I'm sure, all of you will love food, named Indomie. And this time, there is a place that is quite exciting in Muara Karang, North Jakarta! Its name is Ropang Plus Plus, located at the intersection of the road and not far from Jjigae House. Anyway, the place is quite easy to find, if you look at a bustling corner and queued, well that this place is located.

Indomie Kuah Telur Asin

Indomie Kuah Telur Asin (IDR 16.000), this is one of my favorites. The tasty broth of Indomie mixed perfectly with salted egg sauce! Try to imagine it! And to add the perfectness of this indomie, I add the corned beef (IDR 4.000) and eggs (IDR 3.000). PERFECT!

Indomie Creamy Milk

Indomie Creamy Milk (IDR 13.000), one of indomie with a little unique broth, their added some spices / ingredients that produces this indomie so creamy and savory. In addition, creamy milk indomie is also available in fried indomie too!

Indomie Saos Rendang

Indomie Saos Rendang (IDR 15.000), this is also damn gooood! Fried indomie added with rendang sauce, it tastes more savory and bold. Don't forget to add some toppings, like corned beef and eggs! *grin*

Indomie Goreng Plus Plus

And the last is for Indomie Goreng Plus Plus (IDR 15.000), looks so yumm! And why it's called like that? Because after finished cooking indomie (like you cook it at home), this indomie re-sauteed and also added with scrambled eggs so looks alike Mie Goreng Tektek. And the result, this indomie more fragrant and tastier! WOOHOO!

Besides indomie, here are also available other foods such as Kue Cubit Mini, Banana Sushi, Roti Panggang Manis, Roti Panggang Asin, Martabak Mie and others.

TIPS : Ropang Plus Plus will start open from 7PM, but you must arrive earlier to wait in line. Because if you're late, you have to be patient for waiting the queue that (sometimes) long enough.


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Jl. Muara Karang Raya No. 107
North Jakarta
(in front of Sun Merry Bakery)
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