Monday, December 14, 2015


This time, a new restaurant emerged again in South Jakarta, precisely in the Kemang area, yeah it's SOULFOOD, a restaurant that focusing in Indonesian cuisine. This place is very crowded by people who want for having lunch here. In addition, this place is also visited by several Indonesian artists, which relax while enjoying their lunch.

Kembulan Lunch Platter

Kembulan Lunch Platter

Kembulan Lunch Platter (IDR 150.000), consist of Nasi Cumi Item, Ayam Gejrot Kecombrang, Daging Suwir Kemangi, Tempe Abon Jambal, Sayur Bengkel, Acar Nanas Kecombrang, Sambel Kedondong and Kerupuk Barak. This menu is the main star here! That black squid ink rice served with some side dishes. The taste of side dishes are bold, tasty, rich and savory! YOU SHOULD TRY TO ORDER THIS! But anyway, this lunch platter menu is selling out so quickly, you've to come earlier if you want to taste this menu as your lunch.

Aglio Olio Peda Ijo

Aglio Olio Peda Ijo (IDR 45.000), yeah we wait long enough for this one, approximately we waited for 1.5 hours because the waiter said, "The food which is prepared in the upstairs kitchen took a longer time", but well we waited for it because of our curiosity to taste. However, once the food served, it was just below expectations, which is Peda Ijo should have a quite amazing and delicious taste. But you can still taste this menu, if you're curious.

Nasi Goreng Topping

Nasi Goreng Topping (IDR IDR 35.000), this one is a quite tempting menu, where you can choose your own topping, with flavors of Peda Ijo or Jambal Merah and Abon Bilis Honje, Abon Jambal Jogya or Empal Suwir Sambel Sereh for the topping. And our choice fell to the Nasi Goreng Jambal Merah with Empal Suwir Sambel Sereh, this is an option that is very precise and perfect!

Teh Poci Tubruk

Teh Poci Tubruk (IDR 20.000), one of a kind beverage (traditional) that almost like by everyone and to add a traditional impression, that tea was served with teapots and cups that look quite traditional.

This is the front of the restaurant, so quite easy to find because there is a fairly large SOULFOOD typo signage. This Soulfood located inline or in the same area with Anomali Coffee and KOI Kemang.


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Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72D (Centra Kemang)
Phone : (021) 22 7070 49 / 0812 9652 8072
South Jakarta

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