Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Another Japanese restaurant comes to Jakarta! And it's time for Fūjin Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky, which is opened in the early December 2015 and located at Senopati area, in the same building with Monstore & Otoko or still in-line with Pong Me! And basically, Fūjin is like a copy of Rayjin (Bali), yeah, it's a TEPPAN!

And after years of disciplines and exploring the arts of authentic teppanyaki dining at Shibuya, Japan, the team behind Rayjin Teppanyaki Dining are setting a new standard of Japanese intracultural in Bali. This notable success of Rayjin in concoction with the exquisite brain of Biko Group which managed the award-winning entertainment venues, Beer Garden and Pao Pao, starting their venture in the newest establishment, FŪJIN Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky.

Friday, December 25, 2015


Hello! This time I want to give a simple-recipe for you, especially in this Christmas Day. And it's very coincidence and how lucky I am, at this time I was invited to work together with one of  Indonesia TV station, namely NET TV for sharing my favorite recipes in this special day.

So, please guess what will I cook on this special day! Okay, this time, I was accompanied by my boyfriend (Eddy from www.eshtravaganza.com) while cooking Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mashed Potatoes in home-style recipes.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hello (again) to coffee lovers! So, today I wanna share about a newest coffee shop which is quiet popular on instagram in nowadays. Maybe most all of you, have seen one spot of the coffee shop (like the picture above). Yeah, it can be said the most popular spot here!

Monday, December 14, 2015


This time, a new restaurant emerged again in South Jakarta, precisely in the Kemang area, yeah it's SOULFOOD, a restaurant that focusing in Indonesian cuisine. This place is very crowded by people who want for having lunch here. In addition, this place is also visited by several Indonesian artists, which relax while enjoying their lunch.

Kembulan Lunch Platter

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Who doesn't like to eat INDOMIE?

I'm sure, all of you will love food, named Indomie. And this time, there is a place that is quite exciting in Muara Karang, North Jakarta! Its name is Ropang Plus Plus, located at the intersection of the road and not far from Jjigae House. Anyway, the place is quite easy to find, if you look at a bustling corner and queued, well that this place is located.

Indomie Kuah Telur Asin

Indomie Kuah Telur Asin (IDR 16.000), this is one of my favorites. The tasty broth of Indomie mixed perfectly with salted egg sauce! Try to imagine it! And to add the perfectness of this indomie, I add the corned beef (IDR 4.000) and eggs (IDR 3.000). PERFECT!