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Alright, who's here who do not like ice cream? This magical and simple cold dessert, with lots of variant / flavor is really one of the best invention if we're talking about food, right? This dessert, is truly has a calming effect and just best to be eaten at anytime, anywhere and during any occasion.

But somehow, looking for a good dessert, and this time, I’m talking about ice cream, really need quite an effort, started from finding the popular one, facing a long queue, before finally you could have this stressed releaser! Not to mention that somehow you’re struggling while making the payment, somehow you’re just too lazy to take out some money from your wallet. Somehow, you are just too lazy to bring out some cash while deep down in your heart, you really needs to get those ice cream soon!

And well, what if I’m telling you about something that could make your life easier than before. Something as easy as using your smartphone which I believe, our habit nowadays, we just can’t get separated from our smartphone. How if I’m telling you that?

So it was happened back then, this was the first experience I use the newest Apps from Bank BCA, named SAKUKU, to buy and pay one of my favorite dessert in Jakarta, yeah it's Haagen Dazs ice cream. Right after finishing my order, I ask the cashier if I could use my SAKUKU account to make the payment. And of course, it's a YES from the cashier, with a big smile upon her face, she printed out a receipt with a QR Code on it!

What’s beautiful is, Sakuku is already connected with your camera system, so once you use “Bayar Belanja” feature, the camera will be activated to scan the QR Code and enter PIN, then VOILA!

And after following those simple steps, you are already successful with your payment, as easy as that, nothing else! :)

All of your payment history will also be recorded in the “Bukti Transaksi” or “Mutasi Transaksi” tab, so you can always track your transactions by using Sakuku. What a very easy steps to do right? You will never get hassled with cash payment, and not to mention while receiving the changes from the cashier, lots of bank notes, and coins!

Some of you might be worried with top up your Sakuku balance, while I’m the one here telling you, that it’s also very simple to do that. Remembering the big name of BCA and I believe you have BCA account, right? And all you need to do is find the closest ATM BCA or simply just access KlikBCA Individu (BCA Internet Banking), then choose the transfer menu - select transfer to Sakuku and use your mobile phone number as the account destination!

Again, it’s all in your one single device! The account number is your mobile phone number, which you’ll never forget about that. And the application is also ready for your smartphone, which you rarely put your smartphone in your pocket since most of the time, you always hold your smartphone for updating your social media, chatting, texting and so on.

All you gotta do right now is just as easy as downloading the application, and since I’m a very kind hearted person, then I’m letting you know how, for you Android lover simply search Sakuku at Play Store (OS 4.0 above) and for you iPhone fans out there search Sakuku at App Store (iOS 7.1 above).

After the application has been downloaded, open and read the terms and conditions before you choose to agree. Put all the information like name, birthdate, email and then, you just successfully activated your Sakuku account. 

Why you need to download it and why you need to register it? Well simply because it’s really simple to understand, fast and easy to use.

Dan pada akhirnya, it’s not only about how I love ice cream and how I love paying with no hassle using Sakuku by BCA. It’s also about the other popular lifestyle places that already joined and accept payment using Sakuku, like BonChon, CGV Blitz, DairyQueen, D’Cost, Donner Kebab, Dynamic Bakery, Eggo Waffle, Francis Artisan Bakery, Haagen Dazs,  Kkuldak, Mie Tarik Laiker, Pho24, Rons Laboratory, Yammie and even for online shopping merchant  seperti, Bhinneka.Com dan

Ok then, it’s time for me-time, with this Macaroon Collection by Haagen-Dazs. It came with several macaroon, and paired with strawberry ice cream and vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce and some cream to make it beautiful. Lovin it? Of course I am, cause Haagen-Dazs ice cream just never failed me. Love the amazing texture, the balanced flavor, and I also love how their ice cream will not easily melted. Again, who doesn’t love eating good ice cream in the middle of the hot sunny day haha.

Sakuku is part of commitment from BCA to provide a better banking facilities for the younger generation through their smartphone. And for more information about Sakuku, you could find it here at 

Sakuku, Bikin hangout makin seru!


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  1. Blum pernah coba sakuku sih.. Kayanya gampang ya.. Tp kalo hp-nya hilang gimana?