Sunday, November 15, 2015


YEAAAHH! Another comfort food come to Muara Karang! Of course, some of you have already know about Sinsa Ramyun. Anyway, this is fairly easy to find, if you know Mr. Crabby, yes this is the place which looks quite catchy in yellow!

So one day, I was craving for having instant noodle (yeah you know what I mean, right?) and then my Instagram's friend posted Sinsa Ramyun which looks so tempting and suddenly I wanna go there to taste by myself! And finally, I came here to enjoy them!

Dry Galbi Ramyun

Dry Galbi Ramyun (IDR 44.000 - plain) + Pork Sausages (IDR 18.000) + Spam (IDR 24.000), always be my favorite topping! Anyway, the topping served quite a lot, so don't worry about not satisfied! :)

Soup Kimchi Ramyun

Soup Kimchi Ramyun (IDR 44.000) + Spam (IDR 24.000) + Spicy Pork Belly (IDR 24.000), another type of ramyun here. But, this one wasn't my type because I'm not a kimchi fan! Oh ya, their spicy pork belly is quiet good! :)

Look at it! Quite tempting, right? Yes, it's true, this ramyun photo can be so tempting. The texture of Sinsa is chewy and a little dry, more or less like Abura Soba. If curious, please give yourself a try!

This is the atmosphere inside, quite comfortable, so homey. Perhaps, you will feel the similarities about their ambiance and interior with Jjigae House, yes indeed, because it's still the same owner of the restaurants.


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Jl. Muara Karang Blok D7 Barat No. 69, North Jakarta
Phone : (021) 661 0058
Instagram : sinsaramyun
Opening Hours : 10.00 - 22.00 (Wed - Mon) / closed Every Tuesday

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