Friday, November 13, 2015


Good news for you all! This time, PHD launched a new menu which is very tempting. Yeah, this time they mixed the concept of eating pizza and cheese burger, as it is called Cheeseburger Pizza. Sounds quite weird to you? DON'T WORRY! This pizza was really good and really made my day!

Cheeseburger Pizza

Look on the outskirts of bread pizza! they use the real beef patty (commonly used in burgers) and cheddar chese. So, what do you think about it? Can you deny this perfect delicious pizza? Surely, you CAN'T! *trust my words*

Mantap Special

Mantap Special Package (IDR 114.000) served with The Real Cheeseburger Pizza in reguler size, four pieces of meat puff and two lite drinks (melon lemonade and orange). Surely, you can enjoyed and shared it with your loved ones!

Cheeseburger Pizza

Oh ya, I also have a little tips to enjoy this pizza perfectly, how it was? JUST SIMPLE! Grab a slice of the pizza, add the tomato/chilli sauce (if you like it), then bend into two and eat immediately! Experience the delights of pizza and burger in one bite!

Mantap Personal

Mantap Personal Package (IDR 40.000) served with personal cheeseburger pizza and two pieces of meat puff! Yeah, this one is really suitable to be eaten alone or both! Simple yet tasty!

Personally I recommend this new unique creation by PHD Indonesia for their DUO MANTAP (cheeseburger meets pizza) to accompany you with your family at home or even with your beloved friends.

Do you like to feel hungry at night? Don't be afraid and I've a brilliant solution for you! Just give a call / contact 1500600 directly, as the savior of hunger and secured your order will arrive within 30 minutes (if not, you'll get 1 free pizza voucher). 


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  1. I wish this will be available in my area. I want to eat this and want this discreetly.