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Hello readers! I wanna share to you about my last weekend. Yeah, on that day I decided not to go to the mall, but came here and visiting this event. Apparently, the event was quite interesting for me, I can find some new brands, buy some cookwares, get recipes, etc. So, let's go to see what's happen here!

Firtsly, I want you to know that SIAL Group and Krista Exhibitions proudly present SIAL INTERFOOD 2015. This new collaboration between two strong powers in the food and beverage industry : SIAL GROUP, the world’s largest food exhibition network with 50 years of experience and INTERFOOD, the leading food and beverage exhibition in Indonesia, running for 14 years. SIAL InterFOOD 2015, The 15th International Exhibition on Food & Beverage, Bakery, Ingredients, HORECA, Equipments, Technology and Services, from 11 – 14 November 2015 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia.

And when exploring this area, I see a very eye catching booth and quiet crowded by visitors (in the next area of this booth), it turns out this is Bungasari Flour Mills' Booth! This booth has two floors, especially for invited guests can relax on the top floor while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Anyway, PT. Bungasari Flour Mills Indonesia established in February 2012, is the synergy result of the three great powers as a shareholder, namely : FKS Group - Indonesia, Toyota Tsusho Corp - Japan and Malayan Flour Mils Berhad - Malaysia (pioneers of flour industry in Malaysia and Vietnam).

Yeah, so I'm here to know more about flour from PT. Bungasari Flour Mills, because I love to cook and bake something delicious! And as I know, this company is equipped with the technology of Flour Blending System,  so they're increasingly able to meet the needs of a very variety and also specifically to meet the demands of consumers who increasingly selective. In addition, the system also provides high accuracy in produce every product, both general products to the "customized" products.

Beside that, Bungasari also have a flagship product that's able to answer all of the market needs, ranging from flour with low to high protein content. And this is the brands Bungasari :
  • Golden Crown
  • Golden Eagle
  • Krakatau
  • Bola Salju
  • Hana Biru
  • Hikari Biru
  • Jawara
  • Gelang Berlian 
In addition, PT. Bungasari Flour Mills have served and been a partner for many well-known names, such as : Wingsfood, Mayora, UBM Biscuit, Garudafood, Jogja Supermarket, Seven Eleven, LotteMart Fresh Food, Dunkin' Donuts, Dapur Cokelat and many more.

And here's some results breads and cakes using some flours from PT. Bungasari Flour Mills, their bread are soft and yummy. I like it so muchoss! :)

Making Udon with Chef Ryuusuke Sakai

And in this booth also a show cooking demo by some famous chef. And this time, I followed the cooking demo of "How to make Udon by Chef Ryuusuke Sakai". In this cooking demo's, Chef Sakai combined three kinds of flour : Hikari Birue, Hana Biru and Golden Eagle to achieve a perfect udon! Surprisingly, the texture is really smooth and soft! Anyway, Chef Sakai is using traditional technique and equipment from Japan.

Acrobat Pizza by Chef Seguchi

The next cooking demo : Acrobat Pizza by Chef Seguchi, made by using Japanese recipe with Golden Eagle Flour. Chef Seguchi very adept and agile in throwing pizza dough in the air, not even if the dough was falling off and out of his hands. And on that moment, he made Teriyaki Pizza! Can you imagine how it taste? Of course, very tasty! Don't worry, you can also find this pizza in Food Culture, AEON Mall, BSD City.

Learn to Make Martabak with Chef Syamsudin

And the third is Learn to Make Martabak with Chef Syamsudin! This time, so many martabak enthusiasts come to see the cooking demo, even there was two participants who ready to make martabak and directly helped by Chef Syamsudin. Anyway, this martabak dough is using Bola Salju Flour to give a perfect texture.

Look at the crowd! The visitors came to taste the cooking results by all the chef, because they're so curious and want to prove themselves the results of using some various flour from PT. Bungasari Flour Mills.


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SIAL Interfood 2015
JIEXPO Kemayoran, North Jakarta
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