Sunday, September 13, 2015


You know what? So many people like to ask me about places to eat, a new restaurant, a cool hangout place, and many other questions. Honestly, sometimes I was confused to answer all kinds of questions like that. Yeah, indeed I'm a food blogger, but I'm also not a directory who knows all the places (knowingly, still people who like to forget tho, HAHA).

And today, I have started to answer that question, because I find the application of OPENSNAP which is very helpful for me when faced all the questions, such as "after this, where we wanna go?", "Is there a new place around here?", and others.

Do you already know and use OPENSNAP application? For you who don't know about it, I will explain a little about OPENSNAP, so you're not confused. So, OPENSNAP is a social application dinning guide from OpenRice (I thought you've been familiar with OpenRice, right?), that you can use to find a restaurant/cafe/lounge/etc, while you can also review the food.

To be honest, the beginning I was a food blogger was doing some reviews through OpenRice (used to be very popular once). Therefore, I don't hesitate to download and use this application for my daily companion.

Anyway, this application is very user-friendly! When you opened, you'll find a newest information from the banner (such as a newly opened cafe/restaurant around your place) and then, you also can use My Bookmarks and Nearby feature there! So easy, right?

OpenSnap Feature - My Bookmarks and Nearby

And how to use that features? Here's the tips : You can search some places that you want to visit someday, and if you have found it and let you not forget, you can click the Bookmark Button, the places you want to visit will directly  add into the My Bookmarks list. The aim is to facilitate you looking for a place that you want to visit someday.

Then, when I stayed at home in the weekend, but don't what would I have for lunch and where. But now, I easily get an idea, just by pressing a Nearby Button.

Oh ya, when you scrolled down, you will also find Editor's Pick! Yeah, the easier feature which is come with some categories and will help you a lot!

OpenSnap - Editor's Pick

Yeah, the picture above shows some categories in the Editor's Pick, which is very easy for me to find a place that fit with my needs at the time. Some of the categories that I often use : 

OpenSnap - Maps and Direction

Okay, I have another tips for you! OPENSNAP integrated with Google Maps! So, you don't have to bother to find an address of the restaurant that you wanna go. You simply find the name of the restaurant that you want, and you'll see a part of maps, address and other information. It's so easy, just click on the map, and you will be linked directly to Google Maps. Then you can get to the right destination and don't get lost! :)

Hmm, one more thing! With this application, you can also edit your photos with some filter effects and cute stickers without need to download it. Life become so easy with OPENSNAP - all in one perfection!

Well, for you who often go out to eat, hang out or have fun with friends, this application can be used as your guide of direction, HAHA! This application can be used anywhere, either the Android or iOS. And let you not be curious and feel the excitement of this application, please download and enjoy it by yourself!

Oh ya, don't forget to follow me at OPENSNAP : shelmisetiawan. Thank you!


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  1. Lengkap sekali yah fiturnya OpenSnap ini, memudahkanpara foodhunter.
    ulasannya juga menarik :)

  2. Nice apps, I really should start using it. Thanks for the guide! :)

    Delivery Makanan

  3. lengkap banget fitur2 nya. 1 aplikasi banyak fitur. wajib di download nih.