Saturday, September 19, 2015


One of the new restaurant by Ismaya Group! Maybe from some of you already know if Ismaya Group is strong in concept in making something. And this is one among others, GIA Restaurant, a brand new exciting restaurant and bar that will bring you to a majestic era of the 1950s in Italian way.

The restaurant atmosphere is a bit formal, or it can be said with a casual dining experience. Besides, the place is decorated with elements of white, black, wood and a little touch of gold and shades of grey. And the waiters here are very friendly when serve some guests, so that's why I feel comfortable being here.

And this is the complimentary appetizers from GIA Restaurant. Honestly, I didn't know the name of that foods, but it consisted of toast bread with butter and diced tomato seasoned.

Cavatelli Porcini Escargot

Cavatelli Porcini Escargot (ID 190.000), consist of chilli butter escargot, porcini mushrooms, cavatelli pasta, peas and burata. Everything was perfect! Tasty, delicious and will end your day with perfectness!

Guancia Di Maiale

Guancia Di Maiale (IDR 255.000), slow braised pork cheek, barolo reduction, crackling pork skin with black ink risotto. Really love it! The pork cheese is so tender and juicy, the risotto is good enough, and also the amazing crackling pork skin! *grin*


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