Saturday, September 19, 2015


One of the new restaurant by Ismaya Group! Maybe from some of you already know if Ismaya Group is strong in concept in making something. And this is one among others, GIA Restaurant, a brand new exciting restaurant and bar that will bring you to a majestic era of the 1950s in Italian way.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


You know what? So many people like to ask me about places to eat, a new restaurant, a cool hangout place, and many other questions. Honestly, sometimes I was confused to answer all kinds of questions like that. Yeah, indeed I'm a food blogger, but I'm also not a directory who knows all the places (knowingly, still people who like to forget tho, HAHA).

And today, I have started to answer that question, because I find the application of OPENSNAP which is very helpful for me when faced all the questions, such as "after this, where we wanna go?", "Is there a new place around here?", and others.

Do you already know and use OPENSNAP application? For you who don't know about it, I will explain a little about OPENSNAP, so you're not confused. So, OPENSNAP is a social application dinning guide from OpenRice (I thought you've been familiar with OpenRice, right?), that you can use to find a restaurant/cafe/lounge/etc, while you can also review the food.

To be honest, the beginning I was a food blogger was doing some reviews through OpenRice (used to be very popular once). Therefore, I don't hesitate to download and use this application for my daily companion.