Monday, August 3, 2015


Have you had your gyro rice today? Yeah if you're a street food lover and have been to New York city, you've probably heard about the famous gyro over rice. It's the one where masses of people have been flocking to satisfy their hunger with simply the best meal in the city.

The Halal Boys serves warm, tasty Middle Eastern style chicken and lamb platters, topped with the irresistible iconic white and red sauce. Have you try it by yourself? If don't, please give yourself a try! :)

Oh ya, it turns out to find the place is quite easy, it is located in front of the Waluma Waroeng or across Beautika Restaurant (Senayan). I think you're quite familiar with this area. So, just find the yellow container around you!

Chicken Over Rice, Lamb Over Rice, Half & Half

And the menu here is only available in three types : Lamb Over Rice (IDR 55.000), Chicken Over Rice (IDR 55.000) and Half & Half (IDR 55.000). Anyway, to enjoy the gyro bowl was put the right sauce and mixed everything for the maximum taste.

The conclusion is I really love and enjoy this gyros, just simply delicious with affordable price! Wanna come back here again...


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Jl. Hang Lekir 2 No. 4 (in front of Waluma)
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