Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Good news! A new cafe comes here, yeah it's Beau by Talita Setyadi (her second outlet, the first outlet at Plaza Indonesia). Anyway, you can easily find this cafe, just in front of Central Department Store on the first floor. You can also order and dine in here.

This place is quite obvious because you really can read the typo of BEAU, large enough. In addition, this place is quite bright with gold and white color dominance. Pretty well.

Matcha-Choco Croissant

Matcha-Choco Croissant (IDR 35.000), I felt a bit disappointed with this one, because it was served with a little burnt state, which ultimately lead to bitter taste. And so, not comfortable enough to enjoy this croissant.

Passion-Pomelo Tarts

Passion-Pomelo Tarts (IDR 40.000) : pate sucrée, almond cream, passion-pomelo curd, Swiss meringue, fresh pomelo, candied pomelo zest and freeze-dried raspberries. Yeah, this one is too cute to be true, so pretty yet eye catching. I in love with their combination, a blend of sweet and sour taste on this cake, but it's meringue just too watery.

Super Strength

Super Strength (IDR 50.000) : chocolate joconde, whiskey and coffee syrup, dark chocolate crémeux and cocoa glaze. Love its moist texture with a combination of dark chocolate and a bit of coffee taste.

Anyway, in here you can also find some homemade cookies and granola. Just ask to the waiters if you wanna know more :)


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Grand Indonesia, East Mall, 1st Floor
Central Department Store
Phone : (021) 2992 4257
Instagram: @beaujkt
Website : www.beaujkt.com

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