Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Enjoying last Saturday with my fellow foodies and enjoy some treats from Shanghai Storm, one of restaurants at Alila Jakarta. Yes, this is a casual Chinese restaurant is very well known. Usually those who come here are families who want to gather together while enjoying the food here. Are you curious about the menu here?

Scallop with Asparagus

Scallop with Asparagus, as our 'starter'! HAHA. A stir-fried scallop and asparagus with XO Sauce. This one can be said as my favorite, the scallop was quite 'crisp' and marinade seep perfectly.

Pan Fried Beef Rib Eye

Pan Fried Beef Rib Eye, served with baby beans and homemade sesame sauce. Simple yet tasty! Anyway, the beef rib eye is super tender and love its sauce.

Deep Fried King Prawn

Deep Fried King Prawn, a crispy prawn which fried and coated with salted egg, curry leaf and red chilli. This was so damn good! Their thick prawns coupled with a mix of salted egg. Yeah, when the salted egg is never wrong. Haha.

Braised Bean Curd with Minced Beef

Braised Bean Curd with Minced Beef, cooked with Szechuan style. This menu was also good too, but the sauce wasn't so Szechuan style, less strong flavor for the seasoning sauce, imho. :)

Dried Fried Chicken

Deep Fried Chicken, served with cashew nut, leek, salt and pepper. Looks like fried chicken in general, cut into small pieces and fried with flour, then added with salt and pepper and dried chilli which gives the impression savory.

Durian/Mango Fried Ice Cream

And this was a special treat from Shanghai Storm, Durian/Mango Fried Ice Cream (choose one of your favourite),  a simple dessert that can make you feel 'perfect' HAHA. Because I didn't really like mango or durian, so I didn't try to eat it, but my other blogger friends said this was pretty good! :)

So, this is the place where the restaurant Shanghai Storm was, with a predominance of red color and wood elements for the interior. Yes indeed, red color gives the impression or identical to the chinese, especially combined with other china ornaments.

Anyway, Shanghai Storm is a Chinese-style modern bistro with an open kitchen. Choose from an impressive variety of Chinese cuisine including dishes like Dim Sum, La Mian noodles and other modern delights. A nice variety of specialty Chinese teas is also available for your enjoyment.


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Jl. Pecenongan Kav 7-17
Phone : (021) 231 6008
Opening Hours : 11.30 - 15.00 (lunch) and 17.30 - 22.30 (dinner)

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