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Another new spot to hangout at Central Jakarta, or can be said as the hype restaurant and bar in nowadays! Yeah, back to classic era, they bring to life the classic ambiance (such as the color and details) and style of mid-America in the 1920s during the 'Prohibition Era' when the production, transport and sale of alcohol were illegal.

When entering this place, my eyes were immediately looks towards the bar area. Why? Because the bar area display looks great and wide, as the rack of alcohol that can rotate mechanically. AMAZING! Maybe this is one way to hide the alcoholic beverages in the era of Prohibition.

This is the atmosphere when you were in this restaurant, quite classic with some wall display of the famous gangster / mafia photographs in that era. Fun enough and feel so  comfortable to be here.

Salmon Platter

Salmon Platter (IDR 199.000), consist of smoked and gravlax salmon, shallots, capers, sour cream & served with a bread basket. Pretty simple with fresh salmon. You gotta love it! :)

Foie Gras and Scallop Skewers

Foie Gras Skewers (IDR 99.000 / 2 pieces), grilled yummy foie gras chunks with smoked bacon and Scallop Skewers (IDR 139.000 / 2 pieces), imported scallops wrapped in smoked bacon & cherry tomatoes. Anyway, those both menu was really awesome! I'm hooked especially for the foie gras, so damn good! :)

Gangster Meat Platter - 600 grams

Gangster Meat Platter - 600 grams (IDR 899.000), combine three of the following choices :
U.S. Tenderloin, Angus Striploin, U.S. Prime Rib Eye, Spring Chicken or Lamb Cutlet. And comes with choice of 3 side dishes & 3 sauces.

Side Dishes : Truffle mashed potatoes, baked potato, french fries, sautéed wild mushrooms, creamed spinach, steamed vegetables, corn kernels with herb butter and sautéed mixed vegetables.
Sauces : Béarnaise, green peppercorn, bordelaise / red wine, mushrooms and bourbon barbeque.

Prohibition Mint Julep

Prohibition Mint Julep (IDR 90.000), a homemade mint syrup and pineapple liqueur, mixed with sandalwood infused Bourbon and garnished with slices of oven-baked pineapple. Feel so fresh and quiet light cocktails for me :)

Pimm's Cup

Pimm's Cup (IDR 340.000), Pimm’s No.1 topped with their homemade lemonade and ginger beer, served with cuts of citrus fruit and cucumber. This section is for us to imagine how reckless the illegal alcohol makers in the Prohibition era were, as they actually made their potent spirits in their own bathtub in their own home. In here, you can find a mini version of these bathtubs for some of their cocktails, which makes them over a liter in size. That is 4 drinks in one tub.

Viña Maipo (Red Wine)

At last, we're enjoying some glasses of red wine (Viña Maipo, Chile, 2009), a perfect pairing for grilled meal. Thanks Paul for having us and the hospitality! :)

Then we were moved to a hidden place (which is part of this restaurant), yeah it's the Speakeasy Bar. If you want to get into this area, you must ask a help from one of the waiters here, because not just anyone can enter this place. Their Speakeasy Bar offers premium whiskies, spirits, luxury bites and jazz entertainment. Exclusive memberships are available in here.

Homemade Gin

And finally we were invited to taste their homemade gin, which he said quite difficult to produce a bottle of gin, because the it needs concentration and play with temperature in a few hours. And it turns out, gin which we tasted had a fairly high alcohol levels, YEAH it's 60%, felt very strong and 'hot'. Haha.


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