Friday, June 5, 2015


These days you will find cold-pressed juices lining the shelves in some places. And yesterday, I stopped at Rezeki (Fruit Store), Ozone Building - Pantai Indah Kapuk and spotted an entire shelf filled with cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. So, is it such a good news for you? Because a healthy lifestyle becomes one of the current trend in nowadays.

Pear Salad

Here's the most photogenic and tastiest salad : Pear Salad with Spinach and Light Salted Caramel Dressing! They served a really fresh vegetables and fruits, so this is very suitable and good for your health. Start a healthy lifestyle from now! :)

The Orange Vigor

Then, we tried for The Orange Vigor (IDR 40.000/bottle), consist of orange, carrot, lemon, pear, papaya and mint. So fresh and not contain the smell of vegetables that are generally not favored by people. And on this drink, I would feel a sense of orange, papaya and mint. So, don't worry guys, because healthy is fun! *cheers*

Cold Pressed Juice

And are you looking for a fruit and vegetable ON-THE-GO? Here's a cold pressed READY TO DRINK for you, available in 7 flavours (left to right) :

- The Red Robust : red spinach, beets, red dragon fruit and red cabbage
- Purple Nobility : watermelon, beets, green spinach, lime and honey
- The Fuchsia of Longevity : red dragon fruit, peach, orange, carrot and pear
- The Orange Vigor : orange, carrot, lemon, pear, papaya and mint
- White Saga : coconut water, pear, lime and lychee
- Green Virtue : green spinach, apple, celery, pineapple, and lime
- Black Elicxir : green spinach, beets, pineapple, broccoli

You can find the signage when you walk into the Rezeki (Fruit Store) with the green neon light and black typo on the wall and please stop by! :)

Besides that, you also can see a row of various fresh vegetables there, which you can enjoy directly by ordering one type of salad there!


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