Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Walking around Melawai, which is known as the Little Tokyo, we decided to taste one Japanese restaurant located in this area. Finally, we chose for Daitokyo Sakaba. This small eatery is located inside the packed alley of Little Tokyo, if you are familiar with this area, you will easily find it. So, let's stepped-in and enjoy the food!

Yaki Onigiri

Yaki Onigiri (IDR 24.000), or can be said as Grilled Rice Balls, it's a simple variety of onigiri, grilled until the rice is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. But this time I was quite surprised, because the size is big enough.

Sanma Onigiri

Sanma Onigiri (IDR 20.000), just another type of onigiri. But what's Sanma? Sanma means saury fish in Japanese, is strongly associated with autumn in Japan, you can find this type of fish in September and October.  So, to celebrate it, they made the popular dish of savory cooked over a charcoal grill.

Tori Karaage

Tori Karaage (IDR 43.000), as one of the fresh and exciting japanese starters! Simple but so lovely. The chicken meat was juicy enough and soft. Me likey!

Buta Kakuni Tonkotsu

Buta Kakuni Tonkotsu (IDR 78.000), one of the best here, such a star of the day! Look at the pork, so thick, soft and juicy! And its broth was so lovely too, creamy and thick, nearly white in color. YUMM!

Buta Yakimeshi

Buta Yakimeshi (IDR 43.000), or you can said as Pork Fried Rice, HAHA! Surely, it became my favorite on the day! Looks a bit pale but the taste is quite awesome. 

Yakitori Don

Yakitori Don (IDR 65.000), steamed rice bowl served with chicken meat, chicken skin, nori and half boiled egg. The taste wasn't too strong but tasty! I also like this dish :)

Butabara Yakiniku

Butabara Yakiniku (IDR 52.000), grilled pork belly in thinly sliced. Commonly, grilled with salt and served with a squeeze of lemon. The flavor of the pork is what you’re eating here!

Jyo Kalbi

Jyo Kalbi (IDR 110.000), the meat was tender and well-marinated! But the portion was small enough, haha. Anyway, you can choose shio or miso for the marinade, depends on your favourite.


Negimori (IDR 25.000), should be a little starter, with sliced of green onion salad with some sliced pork. Simple yet savoury! Note : I only eat the pork! *grin*

Maybe this could be a reference for you who want to find Daitokyo Sakaba, look at a row of wooden planks with Japanese writing. Well, this is Daitokyo Sakaba.

This is the atmosphere in this restaurant, shaped like a corridor with small rooms for dining, be more private and comfortable for chit-chat. The place is dominated by wood with somewhat dim atmosphere.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with all the food here and will come back here soon.


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Jl. Melawai 9 No. 26, Blok M
Kebayoran Baru - South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 722 2047
Opening Hours : 17.30 - 00.30 (closed at 23.00 on weekend)

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