Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This time I found a hidden gem Japanese restaurant at Senayan. Precisely, this restaurant is in the building of STC Senayan, perhaps people are more familiar with this place as a place that sells a particular hobby needs (such as earphones, lego, airsoft gun, etc). And in fact, in here you'll find some Japanese restaurants are quite caught my attention, and one of them is Sumiya Japanese Restaurant!

Finally that day, my friend and other bloggers decided to stop by and taste the food there. Want to know what it feels like? :)

Onigiri Shake / Salmon Rice Ball

Onigiri Shake / Salmon Rice Ball (IDR 33.000), filled with slices of salmon and wrapped in nori (seaweed). Such a nice starter! :)

Wakadori Kara-Age / Fried Chicken

Wakadori Kara-Age / Fried Chicken (IDR 53.000), as karaage in general, crisp and juicy inside. It's suitable served with a chili dipping sauce. Anyway, one portion isn't enough!

Tsukune / Chicken Meatball

Tsukune / Chicken Meatball (IDR 18.000/each), this one is so damn good! The meatballs were tender and tasty. I quite regret only ordered one skewer.

Negima / Chicken Thigh & Leek

Negima / Chicken Thigh & Leek (IDR 17.000/each), it like the previous skewers, quite tasty! They skewers are really really awesome!

Gyu Tan / Beef Tongue

Gyu Tan / Beef Tongue (IDR 63.000), this may look quite appealing, although the portions are quite small. And it turns out, the beef tongue is pretty tough and a little hard to chew, a bit disappointed with this one.

Geso Aspara Butter / Stir-fried Squid & Asparagus

Geso Aspara Butter / Stir-fried Squid & Asparagus (IDR 58.000), served in a hot plate, made me drool! Anyway, the squid was chewy, savory and not fishy. Put in on my favourite list!

Kara-Kara Nabe

Kara-Kara Nabe (IDR 89.000), chicken & vegetables served in hot bean paste soup. A portion of this can be served for 2-3 person and it also had a hotness level!

Tofu Miso Nabe

Tofu Miso Nabe (IDR 89.000), bean curd and vegetables served in bean paste soup. This portion also can be served for 2-3 person. The broth is so tasty and yummy!


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STC Senayan GF No. 128
Jl. Asia Afrika, Central Jakarta
Phone : (021) 5793 1826
Opening Hours : 11.30 - 14.30 and 18.00 - 23.00 (everyday)

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