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Another small and old fashioned restaurant that I found around Jakarta, located at Jl. Rp. Soeroso, in the area of Gondangdia, Central Jakarta. Anyway, the area formerly named Jl. Gondangdia Lama. If you're along Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro heading to Jl. Menteng Raya, this restaurant is on the right path, a line with Marcopolo Hotel and Restaurant Paramount. Exactly, before the Cikini's railway bridge, Gondangdia.

After all, I'm here with my fellow foodies (again). Yeah, because we loved to have a culinary journey! And this place is one of the list! So, let's eat and enjoy my pictures! *drool*

Kangkung Hotplate

Kangkung Hotplate (IDR 65.000), looks like a home-cooked dish. But in my opinion, the price is quite expensive for a serving of kangkung (kale).  But, it was good and tasty and served while still sizzling, very tempting!

Bistik Haas Komplit

Bistik Haas Komplit (IDR 70.000), this one of my favorite dish, because it reminds me of my grandmother's cooking. Its sauce, texture and taste are so similar!

Bakmi Goreng Ayam Ulang Tahun

Bakmi Goreng Ayam Ulang Tahun (IDR 75.000), such a fairly large portion, served with peas, quail eggs and shredded fried chicken (which was not mixed together with noodles).

Nasi Goreng Ayam ala Trio

Nasi Goreng Ayam ala Trio (IDR 65.000), looks similar with the previous fried noodles, but fried rice for this time. Anyway, the fried rice was served a bit dry for me, and it was also served with peas, shredded chicken and fried egg slices.

Cumi Goreng Mentega

Cumi Goreng Mentega (IDR 50.000), this dish is also quite tempting, as indeed, all the food here is really served as home-cooking! Likewise with this squid, fried with butter and soy sauce until cooked and fragrant.

Kakap Kam Leng

Kakap Kam Leng (IDR 90.000), this is one of the favorite menu here, snapper fillet fried and then smothered in crab sauce. Extremely delicious! A MUST TO ORDER!

And I wanna share a little information about this restaurant. As I know, Trio Restaurant was established in 1947, a venture started by Mr. Effendi's parents. Mr. Effendi is a man of Chinese descent (63 y.o) and then he continue the efforts of his parents to manage this restaurant since 1963. The restaurant building was painted with green color and on the roof mounted sign board by writing Restoran Trio in white color, made of teak wood.

Look! Kind of an old-fashioned restaurant, it really resembles me of authentic chinese-cantonese cuisine. In here, you can listening of keroncong music from a cassette player and old speaker boxes. Anyway, this restaurant opened since 40's and still keep its old-fashioned look/ambiance from its interior to music that played songs from that era. And last, I just wanna say, everything here is REALLY DAMN GOOD!


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Jl. Rp. Soeroso No. 29A, Cikini - Central Jakarta
Phone : (021) 3193 6295
Opening Hours : 10.00 - 14.00 and 17.00 - 21.30 (everyday)

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