Monday, May 18, 2015


Hello everyone! Today, I wanna share you a little tips when I'm lazy enough for going out during my last weekend! So, are you so curios about what I've said?

So, in last week I was very lazy to go out to buy my own lunch, as well as the weather was very hot outside. Therefore, I try to use an online food delivery application, named Foodpanda. Apparently, this application is very easy for me in finding some nearby restaurants to choose my lunch menu! You want to know how? Trust me, it's so easy! Here's a few steps you must do :

Firstly, you should download Foodpanda application on your mobile phone. Please click the link below to download the apps :

- For iPhone users :

- For Android users : 

After downloading, you have to set your locations and area, it will make easier for you to find some restaurants around you. Oh ya, for you who is in the first time to use this application, you can get a discount IDR 30.000 from Foodpanda, which can be used directly on your first order!

And the next step is after you complete those steps, Foodpanda will directly give a list of some restaurants around you (the list is a restaurant that have collaboration with Foodpanda). And this time, I chose A&W for my lunch menu! Simple but hmm okay, it's time for junk food! Haha.

Then, this is the happiest part for me! Choose what you want! Haha. And I'm crazy enough with junk food, so I ordered quite much! *grin*

And after choosing some foods that you like, it's time to re-check what you've order (though there is nothing wrong or forgotten). Yeah...

And if everything is correct, it's time for you to 'check out'! After clicking the button, you have (again) to fill some datas for the purposes of your delivery order. Remember, don't let you write the wrong address and phone number!

And everything else is done! Time to wait for orders up! According to estimates given, your order will arrive within around 70 minutes. However, I only waited 30 minutes to enjoy my lunch! I'M SO HAPPY!

So, this is what I've ordered! Hmm, looks very much for serving my own? Don't be surprised, because this time I shared with my sister as well. Because I'm not a HULK who can ate that much! HAHA.

Oh ya, I forgot to tell you! Foodpanda is a global online food delivery marketplace headquartered in Berlin, Germany and operating in more than 40 countries across four continents. The service allows users to select from local restaurants and place orders via the website or mobile application. And for more details, you can kindly visit - enjoy your time!


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