Saturday, April 4, 2015


WOW! Another new establishment by Union Group, it's Caffè Milano which is located in again, Central Department Store, East Mall! Hmm, what do you think about it? Is that too fast for opening a new restaurant on the same group? Well, idk for sure, but hopefully Caffè Milano will be going well as the other brunch such as Union Deli and Benedict, also located in the same area.

And well, Caffè Milano is really look alike Union Plaza Senayan! You can feel it by yourself when stepped in your feet here! The atmosphere here is a bit vintage and classic with their yellowish lamp. Surely, it was a problem for me to take some pictures. 

Beside that, this restaurant is lead with Chef Luca (previously he worked in Scusa, Intercontinental MidPlaza Jakarta) who has more than 20 years of working experiences in some country. Anyway, he's very friendly and loves to walk around his guest to see what they said about his foods.

And when you enter this restaurant, you will find a bar beside you. This is the ideal place for you to relax for a while with a wide-range selection of drinks. In addition, this place is also used as a waiting area, so while waiting in queue (because the place is quite crowded), you can taste first for a glass of drink here.

Oh ya, because so many people wanna try this newest restaurant, so I've only an hour to be seated here, due to on 7PM this place already full-booked! HOW CRAZY! So sorry, here's my little quick visit...

Complimentary Bread

First of all! It's the most lovely bread! Yeah, a Complimentary Bread from Caffè Milano. Idk what its name, but really damn good. SUPER LOVE! Feel so crispy outside but swirly and smooth inside, well seasoned! And they also put a bottle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil on every table, you can use it for the dip to perfection.

Homemade Casonsei

Homemade Casonsei (IDR 125.000) served with pancetta (Italian bacon), butter and sage. Anyway, casonsei is kind of stuffed pasta, typical of the culinary tradition of Lombardy, in the north-central part of Italy. Hmm, maybe it looks alike Kuotie, haha! Surely, I love this al dente pasta with pieces of pork and mozarella cheese powder on top. Oh ya, you can ask the waiter if you want to add more the cheese powder.

Sea Bass Al Cartoccio

Sea Bass Al Cartoccio (IDR 150.000), an oven baked in parchment (aluminium foil) with sautéed clams, tomatoes, basil and capers. Anyway, this dish still served in aluminium foil, then the waiter will help to open it directly in front of you. Hmm, its sauce is really damn good! So tasty and savoury, but the sea bass is too small for me.

Milano Pizza

Milano Pizza (IDR 115.000) served with porcini mushrooms, pancetta, half-boiled egg and parmigiano reggiano. Look! It's consist only four slices for us! Umm, but the pizza isn't really big as you imagined and I love their thin-crust dough! :)

Alright, that night was a good day! They served us very well but if I may said, their air conditioner was too cold, so the food can be cold so easily. So, don't let your food become too cold!


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Central Dept. Store, Ground Floor
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (East Mall)
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Central Jakarta
Phone : (021) 2358 0638
Opening Hours : 10 AM - late

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