Friday, April 17, 2015


Typical dishes from Aceh, their foods are so rich in spices and spicy. One of them is worth for you to try : Mie Aceh Jali-Jali, that can be enjoyed in the area of Tebet, South Jakarta. Honestly, I just knew this place from my blogger friends. Indeed, this place is not too big enough, but always full of visitors, to enjoy a plate of noodles.

Because I was very curious and they said the foods here are very tasty and appetizing, finally we were immediately ordered some menu!

Mie Aceh Kuah

Mie Aceh Kuah (IDR 13.000), served with a sauce of red-brown color (looks similar to curry), small pieces of meat, bean sprouts and served with pickled cucumber, onions, chili and fried chips. So damn good!

Mie Aceh Tumis Basah

Mie Aceh Tumis Basah (IDR 13.000), this menu still the same as before, only this time the noodles are sautéed but slightly 'wet' and very rich in spices (not too dry like fried noodles in general). In my opinion, their fried noodles were also tempting!

Martabak Kari Kambing

Martabak Kari Kambing (IDR 32.000), another menu that we've ordered! Yeah, this simple martabak also served with curry sauce, just dipped it! :)

Roti Cane Keju + Susu

And after eating spicy and savory, now we move to something sweet, cane bread with milk and cheese (IDR 17.000), looks very simple and traditional, but I really like the cane bread here. You must try!


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Jl. Prof. Dr. Soepomo SH, Tebet
Phone : 0852 1476 6668
Opening Hours : 10.00 - 22.00 (Mon - Sun)

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