Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Another Japanese Restaurant came to Jakarta or can be said Jakarta is now invaded by many new restaurants, wherever you go and you'll find a new one. So, like today, I would like to introduce Itacho Sushi, a sushi restaurant that has a pretty good standard compared to sushi restaurants in general in the mall.

Anyway, Itacho means chief chef in Japanese, a title given to the person with the most sublime position in a Japanese restaurant. And besides, this restaurant is one of the famous in Singapore and Hong Kong. And this is their first outlet in Indonesia, located at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Mall.

And more than that, this place would be my favorite place because they have a wide variety of sushi creations at very affordable prices with pretty good service. Then, I came here with my foodie friends to enjoy some sushi here!

Marinated Shark Fin

Marinated Shark Fin (IDR 25.000) as my favourite 'snack' when I'm at sushi restaurant. Somehow I like the texture of that foods, such as jelly and served cold.

Fatty Salmon Sashimi

Fatty Salmon Sashimi (IDR 33.000 / 3 pieces), so fresh and served with perfect texture. Worth for you to order more and more! :)

Roasted Salmon with Cheese, Roasted Salmon with Cod Fish Caviar, Roasted Fatty Salmon

Roasted Salmon with Cheese (IDR 12.000 / piece), Roasted Salmon with Cod Fish Caviar (IDR 13.000 / piece), Roasted Fatty Salmon IDR 11.000 / piece. We're a salmon lovers! Almost our orders consist of salmon! Haha.

Roasted Salmon Roll

Roasted Salmon Roll (IDR 38.000 / 2 pieces), a sushi roll served with roasted salmon and salmon roe on top, lettuce and avocado filling. Just okay.

Spicy Salmon Inari with Sakura Shrimp Ebiko

Spicy Salmon Inari with Sakura Shrimp Ebiko (IDR 19.000/piece), so yummy and here, they used a thicker fried tofu bag.

Supreme Sea Eel

Supreme Sea Eel (IDR 70.000 / piece), this is the bomb! So tasty and lovely! Its meat the meat is very tender and soft and slightly sweet taste.

Tiger Prawn with Curry and Lobster Salad

Tiger Prawn with Curry and Lobster Salad (IDR 74.000), a sushi roll with tiger prawn tempura filling and topped with curry sauce cream but it feels like a of wasabi taste. Hmm, idk why. Haha.

Sakura Mini Don 

Sakura Mini Don (IDR 58.000), sushi rice topped with fish roe, zucchini, octopus, salmon, tamagoyaki (japanese omelette). So simple yet lovely!

And overall, I loved and satisfied of their quality sushi, everything was so fresh, especially for their salmon! You gonna hooked then! :)


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Jl. MH. Thamrin Jakarta
Grand Indonesia Mall, Sky Brigde
Level 3A, Unit FD 1-10 
Phone : (021) 23581228
Instagram : @itachosushi.id

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