Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Good news for Japanese food lovers, especially of you who really in love with ramen! So now, Bariuma Ramen, one of the most widely known Ramen in Japan (Hiroshima) is now open their first outlet in Jakarta! They're currently already have some branches, like in Singapore and Malaysia.

Bariuma Ramen has been successfully developed in Hiroshima, Japan and it's one of the most successful business models ever developed among Japanese restaurants in the world. The founder of Bariuma Ramen believes that a tasty bowl of ramen has to have super rich and thick soup suit to the modern style. Now, after opening more than 50 outlets in Japan, Bariuma Ramen is ready to be offered and expanded to other countries including Indonesia. Anyway, Bariuma means Bari (super) and Uma means tasty.

It's located on the 1st floor and indeed this place is not too spacious.  And you will recognize this place by seeing the Japanese writing on the wall. In addition, this place is also quite minimalist, by using black and white and a touch of red color and wood elements.

And the time that we're allowed to go into their kitchen area, to see the process of making ramen and others. Very exciting when I was in the kitchen, saw the employees' passion and they're very agile in cooking.

Chicken Gyoza

Chicken Gyoza (IDR 35.000/5pcs), little snack that should be attempted and this time served quite unique with the crispy part and so juicy! Hmm...


Kaarage (IDR 35.000/4pcs), it's a deep fried chicken marinated with garlic, shoyu, vinegar and black pepper. Umm! :)

Ishiyaki-Chaofan Chashu

Ishiyaki-Chaofan Chashu (IDR 45.000) is a stone cooked fried rice! My favourite menu of the day! Maybe you already know how to eat it, by stirring quickly so that all the rice on the bottom doesn't become dried.

Ishiyaki-Chaofan Chashu

And this is the result after mixing evenly! Looks quite messy, but it was tasty and delicious, with a slight sensation of 'dry' crunchy rice hehe.


Yakitori-Tori-Combo (IDR 39.000), is an assorted grilled skewered chicken. Anyway, you can also asked for pork here. So, don't worry and be happy! :)

Ajitama-Uma Ramen

Ajitama-Uma (IDR 68.000), pork flavoured shoyu soup with grilled thick-cut chat and flavoured egg. The flavoured egg left for a day soaking shoe, sweetened sake with bonito bouillon.

Kara-Uma Ramen

Kara-Uma (IDR 68.000), pork flavoured shoyu spicy soup with grilled thick-cut chashu. This one is good enough but too spicy for me, haha.

Sapporo Beer

And at the last, before we're going home, we offered to enjoy a glass of beer! Yeah, do not complete if you haven't been drinking beer here. And we presented Sapporo Beer, one of my favorite, one of the original Japanese Beer.


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City Walk Mall Sudirman Level 1, Unit #5
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kavling 121
Phone : (021) 2970 4018
Opening Hours : 10.00 - 22.00

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