Friday, March 6, 2015


Good news came again for you! And precisely, there is a new Japanese restaurant opened in PIK, it's Abura Soba Yamatoten Tokyo. The location of this place is still a line with Cake A Boo and Bangkok Garden. It's crazy at all, this area is quite filled with a variety of restaurants and continue to emerge again and again....

Hmm, okay! Abura Soba, literally translated as 'oil soba' is a type of noodle served without soup / broth that was originally created in Musashino, Tokyo in 1950s. Contrary on its name, Abura Soba is not oily at all.

Abura Soba began as a local food known only in a particular area of Tokyo but due to its unique recipe and particular way of eating, it quickly gained popularity. And today, as its fame spreads throughout Japan, Abura Soba has become part of the local culture and a must-eat dish!

And this is the situation when they open for public, 6 March 2015. When we arrived, this place was deserted and for a side dish wasn't ready. However, the picture above was telling the situation in the late afternoon, getting crowded by visitors.

Abura Soba

Abura Soba (IDR 59.000), the original version, served with their secret mixed oil and shoyu, top with chopped spring onions, sesame seeds, bamboo shoots, dried seaweeds and slices of tender-juicy roast pork. The seasoning feels light and savoury.

Jya-Jya Abura Soba

Jya-Jya Abura Soba (IDR 68.000), served with minced meat stir fried in thick sauce made of soy bean paste. Something salty and sweet with rich flavour! Anyway, you can choice for pork or chicken. But, I vote for pork! Haha.

Karami Ontama Abura Soba
Karami Ontama Abura Soba

Karami Ontama Abura Soba (IDR 68.000), a twist of the original Abura Soba, soaked in a secret mix of Spicy Miso Sauce and served with half boiled egg (onsen tamago) and slices of tender-juicy roast pork. This is perfect for child lovers! Looks so creamy then :)

Soft Broiled Pork

And the last, we ordered Soft Broiled Pork (IDR 43.000), looks very tempting, so tempting! HAHA. Shortly, I wanna said "I hate sin, but love the 'sinners'" *grin*

Oh ya, after their success in Japan, now they come from Tokyo to Jakarta, they come to spread this latest phenomenal Tokyo dish. Their signature sauce coupled with its homemade springy texture noodle will surely tease you and make you wanna come back again. Hehe.

And this is our lately lunch menu! Very satisfied with all the foods here. But there's a way how to eat Abura Soba! Here's the tips :
1. Add two rounds of vinegar and two rounds of child oil
2. Mix the noodle in quick circular motion
3. Do it while it's hot



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