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Hello good morning! May this be a day of fun for you. And this time, I will continue my trip when staying at the Hilton Bandung. Are you ready? Here we go!

Helloww! Here's a little surprise of Hilton Bandung. We are given a Hilton's funny teddy bear and also something sweets, chocolate, strawberry and macarons.

And after enjoying the welcoming sweets, it's time to take a bath! And in the bathroom had been prepared roses and bath salts. It's time to relax yourself for a moment in the morning.  Oh yes, the bathroom is also very luxurious, equipped with blinds that can be opened and closed (it's up to you) and also there are speakers that are connected directly to the TV. So you can listen the news or listen the song while bathing.

It’s easy to use bath salts, simply by sprinkling the salt in a bathtub that was filled with warm water.Your skin will be smoother and softer! It's time to relax, unwind and enjoy the bathing.

And the clock was already showing at 8 AM, time for us to have breakfast at Purnawarman Restaurant, which is located on the lobby level. Have a good day then! :)

The restaurant is quite spacious with a variety of foods and drinks that you can choose at will. Honestly, I'm also quite confused to choose my breakfast because quite a lot of food's variant. So, what foods are available here?

Assorted Breads

Assorted Fruits

Assorted Cold Dishes

Assorted Cakes

In addition to a wide variety of breads, fruits and others, here you can also find beautiful cakes that you can order. Sugar level upgraded! :)

Purnawarman Restaurant (outside area)

And in the restaurant is also have outside area with a sort of 'pavilion' with lots of shade trees that seem closer to nature. Maybe in early morning, the atmosphere here is still cool and fresh.

Cereal with Fresh Milk

This is one of my favorite breakfast, Cereal with Fresh Milk. It looks very simple, but milk is a drink mandatory for me. Therefore, I chose this earlier than the other.

After a light breakfast, I chose a little bit heavy, hehe. This time, I took for omelets, sausages, potatoes, bacon and a little salad. Looks heavy enough as breakfast. *grin*

This is the next meal taken by several other bloggers to share together. There's a variety of breads and pastries, chicken porridge with boiled eggs, noodle soup with vegetables (I forgot its name) and then pancakes (you can choose your favorite toppings). Our breakfast is really huge, oh God!

The breakfast was finished, but our appetite is not finished here. Then, we decided to leave the hotel for a moment to look for another food in the area of Gazibu, Bandung. However, because of the bad traffic on that day, then we're looking around and we found a place that quite popular of Nasi Bakar.

Nasi Bakar

This is Nasi Bakar that we're looking for, but I forgot the name of the place. And because the place is quite hot and sultry, we decided only briefly here. After eating, we also order for mochi ice cream which is quite good here.

After few hours and we came back to hotel, it's noon already. And we walked to Fresco Dining Restaurant (6th Floor).

Fresco Dining Restaurant

Fresco Dining Restaurant

Fresco Dining Restaurant

This restaurant will be a place for our lunch, quite a nice place with a beautiful view. Really like being here with friends!

Pool Terrace

And due to the location of the restaurant near to the pool terrace, so we could play there for a moment while waiting for the food ready to be served.

Thai Iced Tea

Whoaaaa! I just found THE BEST THAI TEA EVEEERR! Idk why, but I felt this is the best one. It served with a little milk, sugar water and bubble. Double thumbs up!

Well, I don't know the name of pizza. This kind is so cheesy and they used cucumber and eggplants for toppings. Oh ya, this is a crisp-thin-crust pizza! :)

Okay, this one is also crisp-thin-crust pizza, but here they used mushroom as the toppings and also tomato sauce and still cheesy! After enjoying some pizza, now we're ready for the set menu! 

Grilled Haloumi Salad

Okay, now let's start from the appetizer, Grilled Haloumi Salad! Seasonal fresh garden salad with haloumi cheese vinaigrette, macadamia nut and marinated artichokes, light lime and honey mustard dressing.

Canadian Scallops

Canadian Scallops, our next appetizer! It's seared scallops served with asparagus, crisp polenta, leeks, tomato, chives, cucumber and lemon grass Beurre blanc. Such a lovely dish, I love everything on that plate! I can't resist for scallops btw.

Classic Bouillabaisse

Soup time! Classic Bouillabaisse with rich seafood broth with crouton de gruyere. It looks alike Bisque Souffle's that we had last night, but this one is better for me because not to fishy smell.

Chicken Consommé with Tortellini

Chicken Consommé with Tortellini, served with ductile mushroom and homemade tortellini. Anyway, this soup looks so cute with veggie balls and its broth is so lovely and warm.

Pappardelle Chicken Mushroom

Pappardelle Chicken Mushroom, as a signature dish from Fresco Dining Restaurant! This menu is not in the list, but they want us to taste this menu and it was very tasty!

Fillet Mignon Black Angus (180gr)

Let's continue our late lunch! Here's Fillet Mignon Black Angus (180gr), the true gourmet and it melts in your mouth. This is the obvious the most tender and juiciest part of beef. You can see the meat is quiet thick but surely still tender! Also served with asparagus, vegetables and baked potatoes.

N.Y. Striploin Steak (200gr)

N.Y. Striploin Steak (200gr), the favourite cut for Steak Connoisseur. "Strip loin" is cut from the back of the beef, from about the middle of the back until close to the leg is the second most tender part. Known for its tenderness and flavor.

N.Y. Striploin Steak (200gr)

Oh ya, for the side dishes you can choose with some optional carbohydrate, vegetables condiment and sauces. The picture above is used mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach.

Cheese Cake Fritters

Tadaa, now we've Cheese Cake Fritters! It's warm crispy fried cheese cake served with banana foster flambé and vanilla ice cream! Anyway, the yellow one is vanilla ice cream but idk why the color looks yellow. The cheese cake itself is at the back and that line was sliced banana smeared with caramel. Thumbs up!

Tiramisu Madness

And this is the last sweetness, Tiramisu Madness with soft mascarpone sabayon with coffee liquor sponge. I really love it, like I wanna bring it home for my stock!

Okay, we're done and we had so much fun with good foods here! And thank you for Julie and her partner who has guided and accompanied us during these two days.

It's time for us for going back home and back to our daily routine. Thank you so much Hilton Bandung for the hospitality! See you again soon! :)


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