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Hello there! Before I start to write and share this vacation with you, I wanna tell you about this post will be a long one! HA HA. Enjoy to read! :)

Very surprised when I was given the opportunity to follow the tour hotel is located in Bandung, namely the Hilton Hotel, Bandung. And once that, me and a couple other bloggers had the opportunity to stay for 2D1N. And from the information I know, Hilton Hotel provides an opportunity for 5 bloggers/month to enjoy the experience here. So, I'm the lucky one!

And on this occasion, we delivered and picked up by Hilton Hotel and the meeting point was at Plaza Semanggi (Dunkin Donuts). And finally a black car from Hilton Hotel came to pick us up at 8AM. This trip was expected to take 2-3 hours from Jakarta to Bandung. And because of the bad traffic, it became 4-5 hours, so our schedule a little bit late than scheduled.

And once when we got there, we were greeted well by Hilton Hotel and we went straight to register first to get our room key. And this is our schedule for the next two days, the schedule is tight enough, isn't it? Hmm, let's go!

After walking around for a while in the lounge area, then we went straight to our room to put our stuff and luggage. And I was quite shocked by what I saw when I stepped into this huge room! The interior is so elegant and comfortable, more than what I had imagined!

Now we peek into the bathroom area. This bathroom is walled by transparent glasses. But do not worry, you can close that window if you want giant (there's a button to close it). Well, anyway, they used Peter Thomas Roth as the bathroom amenities. COOL! :)

In addition, on the corner of this room there is a work area with a large mirror in front of him. This room is prepared with complete facilities, such as TV, internet, chiller and other services. Pretty well, isn't it?

And after tidying and a short break, we went straight to the 6th floor for having lunch. And this time, we ate at the pool side area with the theme of Sundanese Lunch. I'm so exited to be true!

The atmosphere at the poolside area was very intriguing! The place is so beautiful with a blue color. Oh ya, in the pool area there is also some cabanas, where you can sit and relax in it. Very cute and so adorable! Hmm, and for you who just want to enjoy this atmosphere, you can sit on the sofa-benches on the edge of the pool.


And now we started for having our lunch! Our first stop is for Karedok, it's Indonesian raw vegetable salad with peanut sauce. It's so fresh and healthy!

Fruit Rujak

Then if you want another something fresh, here's also available Indonesian Fruit Salad (Fruit Rujak)consists of slices of assorted tropical fruits, such as water apple (jambu air), pineapple, raw mangos, jicama (bengkoang), cucumber, kedondong and raw sweet potato (ubi jalar).

Nasi Bakar

Now we move to the main menu, here are Nasi Bakar, grilled herb rice wrapped with banana leaves. This rice is so aromatic and served with some other options dishes.

Here are a few menu options that we can choose to accompany lunch this time, here are :
1. Fried Chicken Cooked with Galangal (Ayam Goreng Lengkuas) & Tofu
2. Deep Fried Prawn Skewers (Sate Udang Goreng) & Perkedel
3. Turmeric Scented Grilled Squid (Cumi Bakar Bumbu Kuning)
4. Skewered Intestines
5. Tahu Tempe Bacem
6. Sauteed Vegetables
7. Cassava Leafs (Daun Singkong)
8. Assorted sambal

Then, we also tasted for Karedok, Gado-Gado and soups are served here. Anyway, I like their soup, served with a clear broth with tender meat and I also like the peanuts in it.

At this lunch time, we only order or select what we want, after that there is a hotel clerk who prepared it for us. They are very kind and friendly.

Tadaaa! Here's our lunch! Haha. Look a bit messy but we really enjoy our lunch here with laugh and a little chit-chat :)

And look a closer! This is our lunch menu with fried chicken, fried shrimp, fried intestines, squid, tempeh and others. Feel the Sundanese here!


Finally, I didn't forget to take and enjoy the traditional Indonesian food : Serabi, an Indonesian pancake that is made from rice flour with coconut milk. And here, they use cheese or chocolate for topping.

And after enjoying lunch, we were already feel full. Furthermore, we will follow the Cooking Class with Chef Dadan Rudani, who guided us step by step how to cook Poached Salmon and Pindang Iga. Here we goo!

Ingredients for Poached Salmon

These are the ingredients that will be used to cook Poached Salmon. Basically, we just boiled salmon with a variety of vegetables such as lime leaves, celery and other herbs. Then wait a while, until the salmon looks cooked on the outside. After that, put it on a plate with a blend of toppings and sauces has been prepared. Let's eat!

Poached Salmon
Whoa...This is the result! Looks so tempting and we can't wait to eat it. Moreover, combined with the perfect sauce and toppings.

Preparation for Pindang Iga

Next we will cook Pindang Iga. This might seem easy, but not too real. Because supposedly, it should be marinated with spices for several hours before cooking.

Furthermore, the marinated ribs cooked until done with a sauce that has been prepared by Chef Dadan. After that, the ribs in roast until browned look. Then, put in a bowl-plate and doused with its sauce before.

Pindang Iga

And this is the result! Looks very concentrated in flavor, yes it's true because Indonesian cuisine is rich in flavor and seasoning. And all the flavors already present in this cuisine. You gotta hooked with this one! :)

Once satisfied, we will follow for the hotel tour! I was quite excited to know what facilities at this hotel. Be there and follow me!

This is the first place we visited, which is a children playground / Kids Station. The location is quite close to Fresco Dining, so parents can leave their children to play here with the other children.

24-hours Fitness Center

Next, we headed to the Fitness Centre. In here, you can exercise whenever you want, because it is open for 24 hours. It's time to work out!


Oh ya, they also have JIWA Spa to provide a tranquil escape from the stresses of everyday life and a place to restore and replenish your body's precious energy. The spa features men's and women's changing facilities with lockers, showers and a sauna, as well as a cold and a hot whirlpool.

And after walking around the hotel, we were allowed to go to our rooms, to relax a little bit and taking a bath. After that, we will continue the journey!

Okay, after tidying, we met back at the Executive Lounge (11th Floor). And because it was late, we could enjoy the Evening Cocktails and Canap├ęs (18:00 to 20:30 on weekdays / 18:00 to 20:00 on weekends). However, we're not long here because we will enjoy the Chefs Table - Wine Dinner at Banquet Kitchen. I think it would be very nice!

Here's the Chef's Table or has been described variously as the "Ultimate Off Menu Dining", "Insiders Secret", "An Experience Like None Other" or "An Unforgettable Culinary Treat". The Chef's Table offers a front-row seat of one-to-one interaction, whilst the chefs artfully bring their passion to life.

And this time, our dinner is very special, we can see and enjoy food directly from Chef Dadan (Executive Sous Chef), we're also accompanied by a few glasses of wine. So what's the menu? :)

Baked Stuffed Mussel

Here's Baked Stuffed Mussel, served with spinach, mango chutney and citrus beurre blanc. Yes it's an Amouce Bouche! Hmm, yeah it's not an appetizer, Amouche Bouche is a single, bite-sized starter. These, often accompanied by a complementing wine, are served both to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse into the chef's approach to the art of cuisine.

Grilled Aubergine with Trio Kind of Cheese

And now it's time for appetizer, Grilled Aubergine with Trio Kind of Cheese. It's layered of grilled eggplant and tomato served with roasted pine nut, fresh basil, bocconcini and haolumi with balsamic vinegar in olive oil.

Bisque Souffle's

Next! Bisque Souffle's, a rich lobster broth served with classic of shuffle and gremolata. Hmm, in my opinion, this soup is quite tasty but very strong for the lobster's aroma, but it seemed a bit fishy smell.

Granny Smith sorbet

Something fresh and extraordinary was presented, Granny Smith Sorbet. I'm also confused as to why this is presented in the midst of the main menu. However, the apple flavor is quite strong and wonderfully refreshing. I need it more and moreee!

 Duet Rillettes and Sliced of Wagyu (Sous Vide Technique)

Finally we find our main course, Duet Rillettes and Sliced of Wagyu (Sous Vide Technique). It served with root vegetables gratin, dried olives, rocket lettuce and chimichurri sauce. I love my main course, the meat is really tender and still pink!

Artisan Signature Tiramisu

And for the last, we've Artisan Signature Tiramisu, layered of tiramisu served with chocolate, hazelnut mousse and vanilla pannacotta. I'm hooked and falling in love with this! And I wanna say "Thanks Chef for the amazing dinner!"

After enjoying a superb dinner, we still go to the another area, it's Magma Lounge. In here, we will relax in the night with a few glasses of cocktails or mocktails along with several other bloggers.

Here's a few drinks we've tasted on that night, quite a few glasses only. Because we've been drinking a few glasses of wine before and was still very full. Gosh!

Okay, the clock is shown around at 11.30PM, it's time for us to back to our room and take a rest because tomorrow morning we still have to go on a culinary journey in this amazing hotel. See you tomorrow! :)


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