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Hello again, Bandung! Warmest greeting from me and Hilbi at Hilton Bandung! Anyway, it's such an honour for me to be invited again here. Yeah, on that day, we really had a long trip, 5.5 hours to get here from Jakarta! Such a bad-crazy traffic!

And today, we're invited for a special event! Because Hilton Bandung will be showcasing Asia's Top Cuisine with three guest chefs from their sister hotels in Korea, India and China. They will offer a gastronomical experience of authentic dishes from each of their countries for 3 weeks in a row! WOW!

  • March 11th - 15th : Korean Cuisine Dinner by Chef Daniel Chong
  • March 13rd : Wine Dinner with Korean Cuisine by Chef Daniel Chong
  • March 16th - 22nd : Indian Cuisine Dinner by Chef Ashok Eapen
  • March 22nd : Cooking Demo & Private Dinner with Chef Denny Gunawan
  • March 23rd - 29th : Chinese Cuisine by Chef David Du
Price : IDR 230.000++ per person (available dinner)

// DAY 1

And because the trip is long and tiring, we were already very hungry. And when we got there, we were greeted by Julie and Vina (Hilton Bandung's team) and we headed straight to Purnawarman Restaurant to enjoy our lunch that we imagine while on the move. HAHA!

Tuna Dabu Salad

Tuna Dabu Salad, our appetizer on the rainy day! It's consist of seared tuna, sprout and tofu salad with dabu-dabu sauce. Looks so pretty on white plate.

Tuna Dabu Salad

And because I didn't like sprouts, finally I just eat only for tofu, but the sauce is quite refreshing! Lastly, I just devoured for the seared tuna! :)

Oxtail Balado

Oxtail Balado as main course for our lately lunch. It's stew oxtail served with rice and soup. Surely, feels like in heaven! This Oxtail Balado is really DAMN GOOD! But it's very very spicy!

Oxtail Balado

Look! The oxtail meat is so so tempting! Yes, this is very good and tasty, the meat was very tender and soft. It's just very very spicy! WATCH OUT!

Surabi Kinca

Surabi Kinca, as Bandung snacks that so familiar to you. Yes, it's a light green surabi because colored and slightly fragrant pandan leaves. The different with a usual surabi is more sweet and usually not given any topping, because it provided a brown sugar sauce as a companion. Me likey! But one isn't enough for me :(

Grilled Striploin

And after enjoying lunch, we also taste the dish, which is made by Chef Denny Gunawan! Anyway, he's the runner up of Indonesian television cooking show on 2013 and as top three finalist of Asian Food Channel in Philippines on 2014. WOW!

Grilled Seabass

Oh ya, Chef Denny Gunawan is so kind and humble, then he made two dishes for us : Grilled Striploin and Grilled Seabass (idk sure for its name, haha).

Finally we got into the room, for tidying up and rest a while (because our trip is quite tiring). And the rooms is quite large, as I have ever visited before. Indeed, Hilton Hotel Bandung is incredible!

And we were also greeted with something sweet, with some dessert pastry, such macarons, chocolate and meringue. Yeay!

And after showering and tidying, we were ready to welcome our dinner with a little different this time. Usually, dinner at Purnawarman Restaurant was presented with various of Asian and Western menu, but this evening, we will enjoy Indian Cuisine (Southern India) which is specially prepared by Chef Ashok Eapen.

And before tasting the Indian cuisine, we also  enjoy some foods in this restaurant!

Salad Station

Pasta Carbonara

Dessert Station

Dessert Station

The one part of the dessert station that caught my attention, because feels like in candy land! And you can take what you like and put it in the chocolate fountain. Happiness is here!

Cake Station

And this part is also quite interesting, because there are so many variant of cakes in this area. And since quite a lot of choices, I decided to taste the two kinds of that cake. Umm!

Hmm, and after looking around at Purnawarman Restaurant, now it's time for us to move a little, yeah we're move to Indian Cuisine Corner! And I started with some breads and salad!

Black Gram Salad

Chicken Claw Salad

Tuna Salad

Tomato Rice

Hmm, then we moved again to the main course! Started with Tomato Rice, not too spicy and tangy, so ideal for dinner and sure to be enjoyed by young and old alike. Tomato rice is perfect for all to relish!

Kerala Fish Mango Curry

Kerala Fish Mango Curry which has a unique flavour and aroma, as I known Kerala is the name of a region in South India. Maybe they have a lot kinds of curry, depending which part of region you're from. But on that day, Chef Ashok Eapen said if the taste of South Indian food aren't too strong (unlike in northern India).

Vegetable Theeyal

Vegetable Theeyal, a traditional delicacy from Kerala (again) such a tasty and aromatic vegetarian dish. And because curries have always been a special part of Indian Cuisine, so this dish is no exception!

Coorgi Chicken Curry

Coorgi Chicken Curry, one of my favourite since I'm not a curry lovers, but idk I love this curry, it's so full of flavor! Anyway, Coorg is one of the most beautiful places in Karnataka.

Beans Usli

Another comes from South India, Beans Usli, such a side dish to go with rice, simple yet tasty! If I'm not mistaken, the main ingredients are French beans, cluster beans, etc. It's a very nutritious dish, especially for vegetarians! :)

Potato Pepper Fry and Beef Masala Patties

Coconut Semolina Balls

And it's time for dessert, it's Coconut Semolina Balls! These sweet balls made of semolina and coconut, is an Indian specialty traditionally made during almost all festivals. 

Semiya Payasam

Semiya Payasam, an oldest and traditional recipe, is a classic Indian dessert prepared with roasted vermicelli, milk and nuts. Unfortunately, at that time I didn't get to taste it, because it has run out (probably many people really like with this one).

Stuffed Banana Fritters

Stuffed Banana Fritters, all time favorite teatime snack in Kerala. Hmm, it's like a fried banana as usual! :)

Assorted Pickles

And this is the quite unique area! Assorted of Pickles is here, first I was quite confused when there beef pickle, carrot pickle, fish pickle, etc. And Indian pickles are generally pickled with oil, vinegar, lemon juice or water, often made into fresh relish and chutney which provides additional flavours to food.

Finally, this is the end of the first day at the Hilton Hotel, everything is extraordinary and enjoyable. It's time to relax a little and rest for tomorrow.


// DAY 2

Waking up in the morning, but no so early, maybe around 9AM. The we moved to Purnawarman Restaurant again for having our breakfast.

Then we got a couple hours for free time! So, we're looking for some good place and having some snacks. And we decided to go to Pasar Cisangkuy (looking for yogurt, bakso cake, kue cubit, etc) and Noah's Barn Coffeenery.

And after going out in 2,5 hours, the we back again to hotel and enjoy our lunch here! And now, we moved to Fresco Dining with beautiful scenery! It's my favourite spot to chillax.

Tadaa! A special drink is coming, it was made by their chef and you can't find on the menu! It's so fresh and made from honey, soda water and lemongrass!

Assorted Breads

Fresh Orange Green Salad

Fresh Orange Green Salad (appetizer) with stuffing red tomatoes, honey mustard and lemon vinaigrette with sprinkle of haloumi cheese and marinated olives. A really fresh appetizer!

Poached Cod Fish

Poached Cod Fish (main course), served with roasted baby potatoes, spinach, cherry tomatoes and asparagus with low fat citrus beurre blanc. The Cod Fish is really smooth and soft, looks not so big?? Hmm, it really makes you full. Trust me! :)

Fresh Black Berry Granita

Fresh Black Berry Granita (dessert), served with fruit ceviche and yogurt sauce. It's so damn good! So fresh and colourful. Hooked in every bite!

Iced Thai Tea

Iced Thai Tea from Hilton Bandung is the best ever! I can never resist when somebody offered me this  drink and this time, I ordered Thai Tea before going home.

And this is the time we split up and we should ready to continue our routine as usual tomorrow. Thank you Hilton Bandung for the ultimate experience! See you again soon!


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