Friday, March 13, 2015


This time I was invited by one of the restaurants in South Jakarta that Fish N 'Co, Pacific Place. And this time, we are introduced to their new menu is Paella Rice. Want to know what it look alike? :)

Paella Rice is the world famous dish from Valencia, Spain. The paella encompasses all that's spanish, such the color, passion, variety and social warmth of the people. And anyway, March 27th is National Paella Day! 

Hmm, before tasting the Paella Rice, we're invited to see and be involved in the process of making the food directly. And the basic ingredients are rice, vegetables, seafood and olive oil.

And how to cook Paella Rice looks not too difficult. Firstly,  we put onions then sauteed until fragrant, then put pieces of red and green peppers. After quite fragrant, then put hundreds of cloves of garlic, stir fry until you can smell the flavour. And after that, put the tomato sauce, stir until thick texture and smelled the delicious aroma. Then, poured rice (washed) over the last seasoning, and stir until mixed well.

After that, poured sauce prepared by the chef, then inserted again some baby tomatoes. And finally, cover the big pan  with aluminum foil in a few time.

And after a few moments later, the aluminum foil is removed. Then, me and Eddy were invited to help the chef to put  some seafood on top rice that almost done. We're quite exciting to make Paella Rice and our hands feels quite hot because it directly touch with rice which is still in the process of cooking. Haha.

And the seafood was already laid out and arranged in a neat, then the rice is covered again with aluminum foil in the next moment (until the seafood was being cooked).

And this is what we're waiting for Paella Rice, all perfectly cooked. It's time for us to eat and taste it, because I'm quite curious about this food. Let's go!

This is a portion of Paella Rice presented here, are presented fairly complete with calamari, scallops, shrimp, chicken and tomatoes. Oh ya, the characteristic of Paella Rice is it produces a delicacy known as 'scarab' which is when the rice sticks to the pan at the bottom and becomes crispy. Surely, I really love this kind of rice for the first time! You should try this one, it's good, I swear! :)

This Paella Rice only available at Fish N' Co, Pacific Place. Maybe next time, they will open on the other branch.


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