Monday, March 2, 2015


In nowadays, coffee is a part of Jakarta's Lifestyle. Because of that, now many coffee shop are popping up around this city. And this time, I stopped by the Chronicle Jakarta, which is still a group with Common Grounds Coffee Roaster.

And this is the atmosphere in this coffee shop, this place is not too spacious, but quite crowded by visitors who want to relax for a moment while enjoying food in this cafe.

All looks minimalist, they use wood as the dominant material, is then combined with a white color that gives the impression of simple minimalist at this cafe.

Hot Coffee Latte

And before we start our lunch, we also tasted their coffee. Because this is a coffee shop, coffee is the main menu here, hehe. So this time, I ordered for a cup of Coffee Latte (IDR 32.000).

Traditional Belitung Noodles

Traditional Belitung Noodles (IDR 45.000), I think this is the most favorite menu from Chronicle, because I heard from some people about how good this food and today, I had to taste it! And after I tasted it, I think it will be outstanding as told as people said. However, in this menu they don't use noodles, but spaghetti. Then, this menu is also served with crackers and sambal.

Spaghetti Allo Scoglio

Spaghetti Allo Scoglio (IDR 65.000) as my lunch menu. And this pasta cooked al dente, looks like seafood spaghetti. Yes indeed, this is a fairly unique spaghetti for me, because this time they use green mussels as the side dish. And for marinade flavor is perfect with me.

Anyway, this is a fairly simple lunch today, with a bowl of Belitung Noodles, pasta and coffee. Although it looks simple, the food is quite filling us. Cheers!


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Jalan Wijaya 2 No. 73 (Next to Dharmawangsa Square)
Opening Hours : 11.00 – 22.00 (daily)
Phone : (021) 8888 1538
Instagram : @chroniclejkt

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