Friday, March 20, 2015


SURPRISE! Benedict is now open at Grand Indonesia, East Mall (near Uniqlo). Anyway, Benedict is still one group with Union. Yeah, it's worth to wait this one! But well, you'll know if the menu here almost containing eggs, of course you can expect from the name of the restaurant itself. Oh ya, this new restaurant is managed by Chef Fernando Sindu and Ivan Wibowo, they're offering gourmet all-day breakfast dishes and decadent desserts.

And when you enter this restaurant, you will see a variety of bottled sauces are sold here, so if you like with one of sauces here, you can directly buy and enjoy it at home. In addition, they also serve some delicious desserts!

And here also shown semi-open kitchen, so while waiting you can get a little peek into the kitchen and see what they are doing. So nice to to be here! And let's having our dinner!

Mexican Eggs Benedict

Mexican Eggs Benedict (IDR 80.000) as our 'appetizer' are quite simple which is consist of chorizo, peppers, chipotle hollandaise, corn fritters, feta cheese. This is one of Benedict Signature dish. Love the simplicity but the chorizo was too salty on that night. 

Spinach Pappardelle

Spinach Pappardelle (IDR 95.000), oxtail ragù, shiitake mushroom, crème fraîche, grana padano cheese. This is a perfect dish if you're need of something delicious and comforting. 

Spinach Pappardelle

The pasta was cooked perfectly, al dente as usual. And I really love with their oxtail ragù sauce, ever delicious, so rich and tasty! No complaint for this one :)

Korean Bowl

Korean Bowl (IDR 90.000) is one of the famous Asian menu here! It's pork-3-ways or grilled steak, chill fried rice, 7 minutes egg, cauliflower and furikake. Because of many people talk about this, so I give a try to order!

Korean Bowl

Because you can choose for pork or grilled steak, so I vote for PORK! nothing is better than the pork! And the menu is served with rice which is quite tasty. DAMN GOOD!


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Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall, LG #EM-LG 37-39
Phone : (021) 2358 1238
Instagram : @benedictjakarta

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