Sunday, March 29, 2015


Walk around and looking for some good foods at Pantai Indah Kapuk. And this time, I was told by my blogger friend, if there's a quiet famous and delicious meatballs in this area. And because already night, we finally decided to have dinner here, namely Bakso Aan adjacent to the Pala Adas Restaurant.

Bakso Campur

Bakso Campur (IDR 35.000), consist of smooth meatballs (bakso halus), veins meatballs (bakso urat), fish meatballs (bakso ikan) dan fiyen. And for a companion, you can choose noodles, vermicelli or kwetiau.

Bakso Daging Iris with Kwetiaw

Bakso Daging Iris with Kwetiaw (IDR 35.000), the meat was juicy and tender. But in my opinion, the meat here is sweeter than Bakso Akiaw. In addition, one type of meatball here using Chinese ingredients (forgot what its name, haha), so I don't like it (maybe because I'm not a lover of Chinese food).

And this time, I chose the noodles as my dinner companion. Oh yes, the presentation of the food here is actually the broth directly into one place with noodles / vermicelli / kwetiau. Only that time, we are asked to be split between the noodles with its broth.

Cap Badak, the oldest carbonated soft drinks in Indonesia. This drink is very famous for Medan people and Pematang Siantar. They said, this drinks has been nearly a hundred years old. Wow! So, it's a must to order a bottle of Badak! :)


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