Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello guys, this time I will share about one of my favorite new place at PIK, namely 7 Chinese Shao Kao. Maybe some of you already know about this place, but it's okay, I just wanted to share with you guys.

Hmm, what's Shao Kao?Shao Kao is the Chinese translation of barbecues. Predominantly seen on busy Chinese streets, skewered meat and vegetables are flame grilled after seasoned with various spices.

In here you can find dozen types of satay, such as satay meat, seafood, vegetables and more! So, don't be afraid of you who do not like meat, they have some non-meat satay. Oh yea, this place isn't too spacious, but comfortable enough to relax with friends while chatting.

Here is also quite unique, available various kinds of mushroom, such as enoki, shiitake, shimeji and others. Oh yeah, other than that I also tried the grilled morning glory (kangkung)!  It feels good and tasty, all the ingredients here are very tasty and super yummy.

These are two servings satay what we've ordered, consist of pork belly, pork skin, pork meat, pork intestine and others. And because this is arguably as BBQ, it's very suitable if accompanied with beer. Cheers! Or maybe if you're hungry enough, you can also order the steamed rice here and if you eat these satay with rice, was also delicious! YUMM!


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Rukan Garden House Blok A No. 11
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Opening Hours : 18.00 - 02.00


  1. Enakan yang aslinya di shaokao PIK ga pake angka2, deretan tekko lekko

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