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Another culinary spot at Pantai Indah Kapuk, yeah it's Warung Sangrai - Pelopor Puyuh! This  restaurant serves some foods with quail-based dishes. Perhaps many are still unfamiliar with this kind of food, but the food is quite tasty and delicious. Because most people are only familiar with the famous quail eggs.

Hmm, Warung Sangrai is very easy to find, located adjacent to one of the fancy dessert and quite well known, namely Shirayuki. If I'm not wrong, this place was once the Lobster Inc. You got it? :)

This is the atmosphere in this restaurant, looks simple like home. It's also not included a fancy restaurant category, but they serve some delicious foods and tasty.

Teh Jumbo

This is our 'starter' HAHA! It's really a big glass for one person, so it called Teh Jumbo (IDR 7.000 for plain tea / IDR 8.000 for sweet tea). Why served drinks with big glasses? Because at this restaurant, they have a spiciness level in the main dish. Thus, this glass is 'ready to help' you anytime when needed! Haha.

Es Cincau Hitam

Es Cincau Hitam (IDR 14.000), just another sweetener at the start! The drinks were quite refreshing, served with vanilla syrup and pieces of black grass jelly in it and also a little fragrant of pandan leaf.

Anyway, at this restaurant, there are two types of fried quail  dishes : Local Quail (IDR 19.000) and French Quail (IDR 29.000). What's the difference? The difference is that the French quail's meat a little thicker than the local quail. So, let's try to eat them all....!!

Oh ya, the photos below are the sequence of hotness level, ranging from spicy to VERY spicy. Here we go!


Goreng Kecap (+ IDR 2.000)

Cabai Garam (+ IDR 2.000)

Sambal Endeus (+ IDR 3.000)

Rawit (+ IDR 3.000)

Extra Rawit (+ IDR 3.000)

Fried Cabbage or Kol Goreng

Fried Cabbage or Kol Goreng (IDR 8.000), this is one of my favorite 'side dish', HAHA! Without this one, there was uncomplete lunch. But here is a bit different, they used flour on there fried cabbage, so give a little more crisp sensation.

Tofu Chili Salt ot Tahu Cabai Garam

Tofu Chili Salt or Tahu Cabai Garam (IDR 13.000), this is also my favorite! Because these tofu was fried by using sago flour, thus giving a little chewy sensation. Then the tofu is shaken with salt and sprinkled with cayenne pepper.

Cah Kuciwis

Cah Kuciwis (IDR 13.000) with simple marinade, quite savory and crunchy! It also got me hooked, this portion is not enough for me, hmm! :)

Tempe Kriuk (IDR 8.000)

Tahu Gerus Pedas (IDR 13.000)

Sarang Komplit

Sarang Komplit (IDR 13.000), this is a complete portion of you who want to taste some kind of 'side dish' at a time.

Es Sarang

Hmm, feeling so full enough? But this journey hasn't finished yet! Let's move to something sweet and fresh, here's Es Sarang (IDR 19.000) which is consist of shaved-iced, sweet basil and jelly shaped like quail eggs. Anyway, it's so milky! Love love love...

Banana Skewers or Pisang Tusuk Milo

Banana Skewers with Milo or Pisang Tusuk Milo (IDR 15.000), Other dessert is served! And this time skewer bananas sprinkled with powdered milk Milo. It's quite good, but the banana is just too tight for me.

Strawberry Dinosaurs

And because Milo Dinosaurs is too mainstream, here's Strawberry Dinosaurs (IDR 22.000). Surely, as good as Milo Dinosaurs!

Milo Dinosaurs (IDR 22.000)

Coconut Ice or Es Kelapa (IDR 15.000)

Anyway, I've been to this place three times, because the food here makes me hooked. I love with all the food here, because it served as home-cooked meals in affordable prices. Additionally, this one a pretty good place than most places around here that only sells the ambiance.


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Rukan Emerald Blok A No. 2
Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone : (021) 9811 5733
Opening Hours : 11 AM - 10 PM